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Powerful Yogurt Company Profile

The First Yogurt For Men. From the time of the Greeks, abs have represented dedication, strength, power, and success. That's why we motivate and recognize the quest for a healthy body, and we help meet the nutritional needs of today's active man without sacrificing health, performance, or taste. In a niche typically dominated by female consumers, we decided to develop a new Greek yogurt specifically suited to address the unique health and nutrition needs of the most neglected consumers in the category: men. This 8-ounce, high-quality, 0% fat premium yogurt will provide a delicious and convenient healthy snack or meal substitute to keep you going in the right direction and help you achieve fat loss, muscle gain and digestive health. Specifically designed by leading sports nutritionists, expert trainers and food scientists, our Greek yogurt - high-protein, all-natural, great tasting, in a man-sized package - was developed for the active lifestyle. Powerful Yogurt was created by a group of active, health-conscious, and time-strapped men who've been lucky enough to be part of this industry and really think we deserve to have more variety when it comes to eating healthy. Our hope is that guys everywhere will find that this is exactly what they need for a healthy option in a world where it can be so difficult to eat right. We are not talking about Rocky Balboa but a regular dude like you and us, who works out now and then, who takes care of himself, who likes looking good but who also drinks beer and eats chicken wings. We worked with the best to develop a product we can be proud of. The combined effort of many sports nutrition professionals, expert trainers, food science PhDs, marketing mavericks, the best all-natural food distributor in NY, and a lot of talented and dedicated individuals made the first yogurt specifically for men a reality. A man-sized, powerful product intended for the nutritional demands of an active lifestyle, Powerful Yogurt will keep you healthy whether you use it as a meal replacement, a snack, or as for your pre- and post-workout nutritional needs. It's the right "fuel" for our bodies; healthy, all-natural and tasty. Powerful is more than a yogurt. It is a movement that aims to motivate, connect, and recognize those individuals on a quest for a fit body. Powerful represents a hunger for life. The type of hunger that comes from the joy and fulfillment of practicing an active lifestyle. Powerful is the voice of the Abs movement. Powerful Yogurt. Find Your Inner Abs.

News from Powerful Yogurt:

Powerful Yogurt Unveils Two Protein-Packed Product Lines at Natural Products Expo West

Company announces Powerful Yogurt Protein Bars and Powerful Yogurt PLUS+ as part of expanded offerings for athletes and the active lifestyle
ANAHEIM, Calif., March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Powerful Yogurt announced its plans today to unveil two new product lines – Powerful Yogurt Protein Ba…

Powerful Yogurt to Launch New Maple Flavor at Natural Products Expo East

All natural, high protein Maple offering expands Powerful Yogurt lineup to seven Greek yogurt flavors
MIAMI, Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Powerful Yogurt announced its plans today to unveil a new maple-flavored Greek yogurt at Natural Products Expo East, Sept. 26-28 in Baltimore. The maple…

Powerful Yogurt Announces Expansion to UK and Ireland

First-of-its kind Greek yogurt for men will be available in early 2014 through partnership with Ireland-based food supplier Irepak Ltd.

MIAMI, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – <via GourmetWire.com> – Powerful Yogurt, the first-ever Greek yogurt designed for men, has signed an a…

Powerful Yogurt Named Best Yogurt of 2013 in Dairy Innovation Awards

First Greek yogurt designed specifically for men also named finalist in Best New Brand or Business category
MIAMI, June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – <via Gourmet Presswire> – Powerful Yogurt, the first-ever Greek yogurt designed for men, has been named Best Yogurt of 2013 by FoodBev&…