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Rebeccah Sweet Company Profile

Rebeccah Sweet is a writer, entrepreneur, and most importantly wife and stepmother of two children and nana to grandchildren. Magical Snowglobe Christmas came to life after her grandson Kevin replied "I don't believe in Santa!" Being caught by surprise by her grandson's answer, she quickly replied that it was ok not to believe. Thus after thinking about her reply to her grandson, the story was born. Through this story, Rebeccah desires to give other parents and grandparents a solution to the reply of not believing is Santa. When not writing Rebeccah fills her time collaborating with her husband and family, and teaching Sunday school to children at her church.

News from Rebeccah Sweet:

New Christmas Children's Book Helps Encourage Belief in Santa Claus

"Magical Snowglobe Christmas" is first book by author Rebeccah Sweet COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —¬†First-time author Rebeccah Sweet launches her book titled "Magical Snowglobe Christmas" as a tremendous labor of love. Intended for children age six a…