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The principal creative team is far-flung and decidedly international communicating over an ocean and across time zones. Ms. Gatty and husband,Trevor, (a world-traveled British diplomat), live in Charlotte, NC. Shakespeare Sez, Co-creator is Daniel Rodriguez, a NYC graphic designer, (Photographics NYC) whose operations have moved “across the pond” to Dublin, Ireland, where he now resides. Artist/Illustrator, Peggy Walz, has a studio on NYC’s Upper West Side.

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Zounds! Woot! Brevity is the Soul of (T)wit 8 2 Brute? The Bard's Tweeting and Shakespeare Sez Launches Cool Online Marketplace to celebrate Will's 450th

Treasure Trove of Shakespearean quotes refashioned as Tweets to capture 21st century fans. CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Happy 450th Birthday Will! In celebration of that momentous occasion, we hereby proclaim the April 23 launch of: Shakespeare Sez…a new on-line market…