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The StationDigital Solution StationDigital’s free platform allows us to offer all the digital media that our customers demand in the form of music, movies, TV and books. StationDigital’s fully automated platform allows us to evaluate user behavior and make suggestions based on what we know they like for all media forms. This also allows us to cross-merchandise products they would want to buy, and offer them through our online StationDigital superstore which you can shop while you listen to your favorite music which is proven to increase stickiness to the site, thereby increasing sales. We have also drastically reduced our SGA costs by automating the playlisting and merchandising systems, which increase our top-line revenues by converting free-listeners to direct sales of digital and physical goods. All of these differentiators make StationDigital’s platform and product offering much more attractive to Internet radio listeners going forward, and much more potentially profitable long term than Pandora or iHeart Radio StationDigital also has an affiliate channel with an OPEN-API – so that prospective marketing partners of all sizes can add the StationDigital Toolbar to their site using our revenue share model (a small percentage of our AD splits). As this list of affiliates grows, it lowers our CAS and allows us to increase our user base more quickly.

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StationDigital Launches Browser-Based Version of Its Internet Radio Service for U.S. Market with Global Rollout and Mobile App Service on the Horizon

With selection of over 30 million songs available free to registered users and a first-of-its-kind "Listeners Rewards" program allowing listeners to continually earn points, Internet radio platform pushes industry evolution towards free, ad-supported, comprehensive digital media s…