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The Digital Ark Company Profile

We at The Digital Ark are a diverse team of dedicated media professionals whose background and experience spans over 20 years of work in design and production for print, multimedia and film/video. As designers, we approach every aspect of the digital archiving project with the utmost degree of precision, usability and quality control. As business people, we realize how daunting such a task is and therefore, we strive to provide an unobtrusive, efficient and cost-effective solution. As technologists, we integrate and capitalize on emerging technologies with an eye toward the future and a sensitivity for the past. As archivists, we respect and preserve the history and significance of every item we archive. The Digital Ark does not compromise.

News from The Digital Ark:

Bringing Museum Collections into the 21st Century: The Digital Ark and U.S. Naval War College Introduce Interactive iPad Kiosks and Historical Collections Website

Digital archiving experts team with local museum and library to increase access to special collections, both online and on-site
PROVIDENCE, R.I., Sept. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – The Digital Ark is collaborating with the U.S. Naval War College on the design and development of interactive iPa…

The Digital Ark Develops System to Save Time and Money When Digitizing Collections

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Aug. 31, 2011 — The Digital Ark has developed a new digitization system to meet the demands of quality, speed and accuracy for the archiving and reproduction of large volume collections. This system improves the rapid image capture workflow by automating image processing, ens…

The Digital Ark Launches New Website Portal for Cultural Heritage Institutions to Offer Access and Interactivity to Their Collections

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Nov. 4 , 2010 — The Digital Ark (http://www.thedigitalark.com) launched a public Beta version of its new website portal which enables cultural heritage institutions to dynamically share their collections online with the public. Museums, libraries, archives and historica…

Distributing Images of Historical and Cultural Significance: The Digital Ark Launches E-Commerce Site to Help Clients Generate Revenue from Their Historic Collections

NEWPORT, R.I., May 6, 2009 — The Digital Ark has launched an e-commerce web site, The Digital Ark Store (http://www.TheDigitalArkStore.com), which offers online sales of historical and cultural images as archival prints and downloadable digital files. These images represent the vast and div…