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The Peoples Chemist Company Profile

Shane Ellison is the author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. He has a BS in biology from Fort Lewis College and an MS in organic chemistry from Northern Arizona University. As an undergraduate, he was a two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his studies in biochemistry and physiology under Dr. Sherrie Byrd and Dr. Les Sommerville. His graduate thesis in medicinal chemistry, earned him Graduate Student of the Year from the Northern Arizona chemistry faculty. He has been quoted by USA Today, Shape, Woman’s World, as well as Women’s Health and has served as guest speaker for large corporations like BP and appeared on Fox and NBC as a natural medicine advocate. Upon graduating, Shane became a medicinal chemist for Array BioPharma and one of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Eli Lilly. Today, he is known internationally as “The People’s Chemist” and is a consumer health advocate and founder of The People’s Chemist.com, which offers smart people, smart products that they can’t find on the shelves of their local hippie grocery store. The People’s Chemist brand has been used by Olympians, pro-athletes, “moms-in-thongs” and even people just like you – people who are dead serious about optimal health and sports performance. His “creations” integrate the latest advances in chemistry, biology and natural product research to provide you with the absolute best medicine that Mother Nature has to offer. In many instances, you’ll feel the benefits within minutes. Whether it’s natural pain relief, supercharging your heart and cardiovascular system or skyrocketing energy, PC “creations” work. The People’s Chemist lab is a million dollar investment of love and passion for natural medicine. All creations are made in-house, under FDA approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), with the absolute best science that modern day chemistry methods have to offer.

News from The Peoples Chemist:

Former Chemist Attacked for Telling People to Get Off Antidepressants in 2015

SANTA FE, N.M., Jan. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Shane Ellison, a former pharmaceutical chemist tells readers to get off antidepressants in his New, Expanded Edition of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. "When I worked for a drug giant as a young chemist, Prozac (fluoxetine) was being markete…

Flu Epidemic 2013: Vaccines Don't Prevent Flu or Cure Flu, So Why Are They Being Prescribed?

SANTA FE, N.M., Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As the U.S. faces a flu threat, sufferers and their families should be avoiding dangerous vaccines and yet, that's exactly where they're being steered. According to award-winning, medicinal chemist, Shane Ellison, immune boosting �…