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The 4.5″ wheel provides 33% deeper penetration of muscles. The targeted recovery roller is ideal for tight hamstrings and piriformis, Therawheel makes muscles relax easier with deeper,multi-directional mobilization. The single wheel design detects, isolates and penetrates muscles better. All other products are flat product_topor round and only compress muscles superficially. Users can feel restrictions better, isolate muscles easier and penetrate muscles deeper with Therawheel. Roll it, or roll on it. Therawheel is a lacrosse ball and roller in one device. Users can grip the handles to roll any muscle in the body. Or, they can roll on it by placing Therawheel on the floor (one handle pressed into floor), against a wall or even on a chair and perform small rolls or move extremity to mobilize the muscles. ” As an orthopedic surgeon, I am constantly searching for innovative therapy solutions. The Therawheel is an excellent product and it provides great results with less effort, less pain and no skin irritation. I recommend Therawheel to any clinician who wants better outcomes for their patients.“

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Athletic Trainer to NBA Greats Introduces Safe and Effective Tool for Muscle Recovery

Triathletes and marathoners already reaping benefits from Therawheel with its wedge-shaped design that allows for significantly deeper muscle penetration INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Athletic trainer Tom Jennings has helped Reggie Miller, his Indiana Pacers teammates and…