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Wayne Cooperman – American citizen and loving husband, father, and grandfather – has been held captive in a Nicaraguan prison for months, wrongfully convicted of heinous charges by a family attempting to extort him for money. His initial trial was filled with breaches of due process and corruption on the part of the Nicaraguan government. All medical and forensic evidence points to his obvious innocence but was declared inadmissible in court by an inexperienced associate judge. Even a confession was issued in open court by the accusers’ family declaring Wayne’s 100% innocence and admitting to the extortion attempts, but the judge looked the other way. It has been an entire month since a verdict was reached, but the judge refuses to issue a sentence. Until then, we cannot begin the appeals process. Wayne has been tortured, had his civil and human rights ignored, is being kept in unsanitary conditions, and is suffering from multiple health problems. We are concerned for his health and safety. We urge you to please take action by alerting your local media outlets and political offices that can assist. Please help us give Wayne the chance to prove his innocence and come home to his family!

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American Citizen Tortured, Held Captive in Nicaragua Since April 11, 2013 Following Corrupt Trial, Says www.FreeWayneC.com

Texas family fights to save 61-year-old falsely accused of sexual abuse by extortionists MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Sept. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Wayne Cooperman – An American citizen – has been held captive in a Nicaraguan prison since April 11, 2013. According to his attorney, Jason Galvan of…