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Our vision at Weekdone is for all managers and employees at companies to be productive, communicative and happy. Many managers don't know their employees current goals, accomplishments and problems. People on the other hand want more feedback from their managers. Weekdone lets managers quickly know what's happening in their teams and give feedback to employees. It's a hassle-free weekly employee status reports, dashboard and feedback system that both managers and employees love. It makes life easier for managers and teams more productive. Weekdone's goal is to be the single most used tool in any manager's pocket.

News from Weekdone:

Award-Winning Weekdone Solution Provides Simple Visual Design to Team Management Challenges, Introduces Mobile App

Estonian startup, with backing from Skype's founding engineer and key personnel from Russia's largest social network, makes big data manageable with stunning, award-winning visual design and wins favor with SMEs to Fortune 500 organizations; announces debut of iOS app TALLINN, Estonia…