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WonderWork Company Profile

WonderWork is the world’s first major charity focused on the problem of lack of access to surgery in the developing world. 40+ million children and adults are waiting for surgery and will never receive it unless someone helps them. WonderWork provides free surgeries for children and adults who are blind, severely burned or crippled with clubfoot. Instead of sending American doctors on missions, WonderWork empowers local doctors through free training, free equipment and financial aid through 61 programs and partners in 58 of the world’s poorest countries. www.wonderwork.org

News from Karen Lazarus:

World-Renowned Photographer Brent Stirton Joins Forces with WonderWork to Cure Blindness

Stirton to travel to West Bengal, India to document the "miracle" 15-minute surgery that can restore the eyesight of 20 million blind children and adults. NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — This month, Brent Stirton will travel to one of the poorest regions of India to photograp…