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Auto-Rx Plus Rejuvenates Engines with All-Natural Metal Cleaning Technology

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla., March 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — After 12 years, Auto-Rx® has released a new generation of chemistry. Auto-Rx® has had only 4 blends in 12 years. This new formulation is superior and will be named Auto-Rx® Plus.


  • Thoroughly clean the internals of your engine.
  • Restores the vehicle to maximum efficiency.
  • Reduces oil consumption.
  • Reduces emissions because the ring pack is cleaned and the valves seal better.
  • Rejuvenates seals, resulting in reduced or eliminated oil leaks.
  • Eliminates the need for oil additives and solvent flushes.
  • Enables the motor oil to lubricate parts more effectively.
  • Saves turbo bearings by liquefying high-temperature carbon deposits.
  • Provides residual lubricity because the cleaned components allow polar bonding of motor oil to components.
  • Uses oil as a carrier and liquefies all contaminants to prevent particulates from blocking the oil screen, oil pump, or piston port.
  • Is safe for turbo engines.

Company Credibility

Auto-Rx® is a non-toxic product and was invented to clean oil-lubricated internal metal safely and efficiently. After years of research and testing formulations, the right formulation was discovered. Later, US Patent #6,544,349 was issued for Auto-Rx®, and the product began to be marketed 12 years ago only in the United States. Today, the product is sold to consumers in countries around the world but is available only on the Internet, not in retail stores.

Auto-Rx® PLUS promises even more.
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Frank Miller