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B-Dry Promises Permanent Solutions for Crawl Space Waterproofing

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — B-Dry provides waterproofing, foundation repair, and indoor air quality services. With offices in various states, it has served more than 350,000 customers till date. The company is offering a life-of-the-structure warranty on its crawl space waterproofing solution, which means that as long as the structure stands, the warranty stands.

B-Dry had adopted technology with patented processes to deliver best-in-class waterproofing solutions to its clients. When it comes to service quality, many home repair companies are unreliable, have hidden charges or under-deliver. On the contrary, 40% of B-Dry's business comes from referrals. The company has been servicing American homes since 1958, faithfully and successfully.

As for crawl space services, more than 50% of the air in a home comes from the crawlspace through a phenomenon called the chimney effect. In simple words, cool air is sucked into the upper levels through cracks and holes in the floor. Waterlogged or moist crawl space can lead to a number of problems. Waterlogging in the crawl space will erode the footing over time and affect the foundation setting. The block walls will break down, damaging the structural integrity of the home. Mold and other types of fungi also proliferate in moist damp spaces, thus weakening woodwork for example.

While the biggest problem that can occur in the crawl space is moisture collection and waterlogging, there are other problems too. If the soil in the region is weak and is not able to give adequate support to the foundation, water may worsen the problem. Symptoms signaling problems in the crawl space are standing water, deposition of minerals (also called efflorescence), discolored and damp walls, uneven floors, etc. When water collects around a support column or a foundation wall, it can lead to uneven floors. This can be quite expensive to get repaired. Some other problems that crawl spaces can suffer from are non-functional sump pumps, leaking vents, poor ventilation, etc.

Clients can opt for B-Dry's free initial consultation and analysis. The crawl space is inspected thoroughly and an appropriate solution is devised. The problem and the solution are then communicated to the client. The client is informed about available alternatives, and how B-Dry basement waterproofing and other services can help. B-Dry charges a fee only if the client is satisfied. The client also receives B-Dry's warranty that will last for as long as the structure stands. Find out more today at

J Bevilacqua