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Bestnet Participates in NGO Efforts to Deliver Sunlife® Solar Lamps to Children in Africa

KOLDING, Denmark, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Bestnet A/S announced today that the company is joining forces on Kolding Energy Day with the Danish NGO, "100% to the Children" and the Ghanaian NGO, "Africa Footprint International" to help deliver Sunlife® Solar Lamps to a village in Ghana. For every Sunlife® Solar Lamp purchased during the event, Bestnet will donate a solar lamp for distribution in the village of Pebi, Ghana.

Energy Day is not just a one-day activity, but actually consists of a series of Danish national events that began in April and will occur in 25 locations across Denmark throughout the summer. The aim is to raise awareness of sustainable energy solutions that ensure that energy resources are used wisely, and educates people on how green solutions can offer a better life to individuals around the globe. Both the EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard and the Danish Minister for the area support Energy Day.

This year, Bestnet will exhibit their Sunlife® solar solutions at the event held in Kolding, Denmark on June 21st. Along with "100% to the Children" and "Africa Footprint International," Bestnet hopes to educate Kolding citizens and gain their support to help deliver light to Pebi, Ghana where lack of electricity affects the ability of children to study, and their parents' ability to work during dark hours.

About the Pebi Project in Ghana –
"It is evening and a family is sitting in the dark around a small table while they wait for the water to boil over the open fire," said Bestnet Managing Director, Trine Angeline Sig. Sig continued, "In Denmark, we cannot imagine such a life, but for about 600 families in the coastal area of Pebi in Ghana, it is still a reality in 2013. They have no access to electricity and, after daylight hours, productive activities such as children studying and parents working must stop due to the darkness."

During Kolding Energy Day the solar-powered Sunlife® will be sold to the public at their regular retail value. But for every lamp sold Bestnet will donate a lamp to Project Pebi. Together with the cooperating NGO's, "100% to the Children" and "Africa Footprint International," they will be delivered to the Pebi Project in Ghana.

"Bestnet has already been pleasantly surprised by the number of local companies that have shown their support of this worthwhile project by pre-purchasing Sunlife® Solar Lamps prior to the event. We invite anyone interested in helping to either stop by our exhibit area on Friday June 21st, or to contact Bestnet to pledge their support," said Sig.

About Sunlife® – Solar Energy Solutions for Life
The Sunlife® product line consists of a series of affordable, modular solar power solutions for lighting, cell phones and radios. In areas lacking electricity and in emergencies (including natural and political disasters) Sunlife ® products provide much needed relief to the affected, by helping to rebuild their lives from destruction to come back one regained sense of normalcy by providing lighting, connectivity and information.

Sunlife® products have a simple, elegant design and are extremely robust and easy to use. The products are modular, and offers complete flexibility, allowing users to build their own personal solar power solutions by selecting from a wide range of solar panels, LED rechargeable lights, rechargeable batteries, cell phone connectors and radio connectors.

About Bestnet A/S
Bestnet is an established leader in the market for relief as a manufacturer and supplier of Netprotect®, a WHO approved, long-lasting mosquito nets with insecticide incorporated (LLIN). Netprotect ® is the world's third largest brand of mosquito nets recommended by WHO. Bestnet supports the many ministries of health and relief organizations worldwide working to improve the lives of others.

Bestnet 's philosophy is … A Network of Life! Which is reflected in the company's product range, which is constantly upgraded with the specific purpose of offering affordable and intelligent products that improve the lives of people in need.

More information about Bestnet A/S and Sunlife® s is available at or by contacting Bestnet Managing Director, Trine Angeline Sig at Email, mobile +45 2826 2600