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Beware the Wall Street Marketing Machine

The Truth Project Book Offers Prescriptive Advice on Shutting Out Financial Noise, Investing Wisely for the Future

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Investors are constantly inundated with information about what stocks and investments to buy, which ones to hold and what they should be doing with their money now. But according to Wayne von Borstel, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and president of von Borstel & Associates, Inc., investors should be aware that only some of the information is to be believed. The rest, according to von Borstel, is just noise. In his forthcoming book, The Truth Project: Finding the Courage to Ignore Wall Street (December 2012, High 5 Communications, ISBN 978-0-9823350-7-9), von Borstel details how investors can shut out the noise and determine to what they should (and should not) be listening.

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"The news media remains an important source of information for our culture, but consumers need to know when to turn it off and how to separate the good information from the bad information," said von Borstel. "You cannot listen to all of the people telling you what investments to buy, trade and sell in order to have a prosperous life. You have to learn to control your informational input, and remain systematic, unemotional and diversified in order to keep your subconscious from making you do things that will be detrimental to your financial future."

In eight informative chapters, von Borstel details how investors can ensure they have a financially prosperous future.

  • In Chapter 1, "Changing Our Financial Attitude," von Borstel discusses "moneyholism" (an addiction to spending) and the ways in which investors listen to and internalize information they receive from those they believe to be experts – regardless of whether or not that person is truly an expert.
  • In Chapter 2, "Financial Myths," von Borstel illuminates and dispels 24 myths associated with personal finance including "Life Insurance is a Fool's Game," "Financial Success Equates with How Much Money You Have," and "I Can't Afford to Save."
  • Chapter 3, "Core Truths," is concerned with helping investors understand their financial DNA, recognize mis­guided advice and develop the confidence to ignore it. The chapter outlines 26 "Core Truths" including "Your Financial DNA is Unique, "Protect the 'Save' in Your Savings Account," and "Insure What You Can't Afford to Lose."
  • Chapter 4, "The Accumulation Phase," Chapter 5, "The Transitional Phase," and Chapter 6, "The Retirement Phase," detail the three phases of a consumer's financial life. In Chapter 4, von Borstel details and debunks six excuses people give for postponing saving. He shows how the attitudes, habits and discipline developed during the 40 years that the average American spends working for a living will determine whether the rest of one's life will be fulfilling or unsatisfactory – and what to do about changing those "bad" habits. Chapter 5 focuses on the tough questions investors should ask when nearing retirement and how to have honest and open conversations about the answers to those questions. In Chapter 6, von Borstel discusses nine reasons people fail financially when preparing for retirement and provides actionable advice for avoiding those pitfalls.
  • Chapter 7, "Estate Planning," presents five case studies and the lessons they teach about effective (and ineffective) estate planning.
  • Lastly, in Chapter 8, "Why I Do What I Do," von Borstel discusses what investors looking to hire a financial professional should be asking themselves and the potential advisor(s).

The Truth Project: Finding the Courage to Ignore Wall Street will soon be available through online booksellers. The book is written in accessible language and is designed to engage any investor who wants to successfully plan for her or his financial future. The book will be available in three formats: hardcover, $19.95; paperback, $15.95; and digital, $9.95.

About Wayne von Borstel
Wayne von Borstel is the president and founder of von Borstel & Associates, a registered investment advisory and financial planning firm. von Borstel serves clients throughout the country from office locations in Portland, The Dalles and Redmond, Oregon.

von Borstel's work has been featured in The Invincibility Shield for Investors: Minimizing Losses, Maximizing Gains and Drafting a More Secure Financial Plan (Aspatore Books, May 2003, $35.99, paperback, 220 pages, ISBN 978-1587622182). He has served as a resource for several media outlets including Fortune, Registered Rep., Portland Business Journal, Research, Portland Tribune, The Dalles Chronicle, and

von Borstel holds a Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) degree from The Graduate School of Financial Services at The American College. In addition to studying behavioral finance with Susan Bradley, founder of the Sudden Money Institute, he holds the following professional designations: Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®), and Graduate Estate Planning Consultant (GEPC).

von Borstel is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, the Portland Estate Planning Council and the Financial Planning Association. Wayne regularly teaches financial planning courses at colleges, continuing education centers and businesses in Oregon and Washington. To learn more about von Borstel, visit

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