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Big Idea Games Releases 5-Star Rated Clamor, a Highly Addictive and Genre-Bending Word Game

SEATTLE, Feb. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Logophiles everywhere are "clamor"-ing for the latest game release from Big Idea Games. Clamor is an adrenaline-fueled word game that transforms even shy, retiring types into virtual word warriors. Available now in Apple's iTunes store, the fast-paced and exciting word game is gearing for a launch on Android phones and tablets using Google Play and Amazon's Marketplace.


Clamor is unique in the mobile games market – a two-player word game that requires speed, sharp thinking and a pinch of luck. It is both a thrilling brain workout and a way to connect with friends and random opponents for short bouts of virtual wordplay. Unlike many word games, however, users don't need to be spelling bee champions to enjoy the competition. Clamor validates correct spellings and allows for fixes to misspelled words. Because games are on a timer, players don't have the chance to consult a dictionary and blast their opponents with improbably difficult words.

"It's a social game, as well as an addicting word game," notes Big Idea Games co-founder J. Steinhebel. "I think Zynga has proven that game lovers enjoy connecting with their friends and other players — that playing a mobile game doesn't have to be a solitary pursuit. With Clamor, we're taking the next step and creating a word game that defies the conventional idea of word games — a unique combination of social, challenging, and frenetic."

Speed is the name of the game in Clamor. Each game consists of three 2-minute rounds, wherein players receive the same pool of 33 randomly drawn letters to build a board full of legal words, crossword style. Scores increase through strategic use of available power-ups and bonus tiles. Earn massive bonus points by finishing a round before the 2-minute timer expires. The player with the highest score at the end of the third round wins the game.

Steinhebel adds: "Clamor enjoys a five-star ranking on iTunes and our enthusiastic users tell us they quickly become quite addicted. We continue to add features to Clamor based on user feedback and our vision of an ideal experience. We're adding the ability to share game content with a single button, personal statistics, and overall rankings. Players can view the top scores and challenge those players. It's a way to have fun, sharpen your mind, and stay connected — no matter how you connect."

Clamor is available as a free download on iOS and Android. Premium features are available by completing an in-app purchase.

About Big Idea Games

Big Idea Games is a Seattle-based maker and distributor of social and casual games across the iOS and Android platforms, as well as online through social networking sites. Big Idea Games is the creator of the Luminary Platform, a cross-platform application architecture that incorporates local leaderboards and local ad serving. Luminary Platform facilitates social interactivity by grouping players into teams and even leagues and allows the use of social network services, such as Facebook, to facilitate rankings and post results to multiple sites. Big Idea Games has several new titles currently in development as well as an update of Clamor based on user feedback.

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