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Birds' Spring Migrations and Rare Local Species Are Highlights of 2008 International Eilat Bird Festival

EILAT, Israel, Oct. 29, 2007 — Bird lovers can gather to view an exotic array of feathered friends March 24-31, 2008 at the 2008 Eilat Birds Festival
The city of Eilat will host its second international spring migration festival during the peak week of birds' spring migration.

Located in the southern tip of Israel, Eilat and the surrounding areas are world-renowned as a destination for birders. The region serves as a corridor for millions of migratory birds every season, and its variety of habitats host a wide range of hard-to-find local species.

The festival's opening banquet and expert lectures will be held at The Isrotel Agamin hotel. The four lectures will take place in the hotel's conference hall. Speakers and topics are as follows:

— Dick Forsman, one of Europe's leading experts in raptor identification, will share his expertise on the subject.

— Dr. Yossi Leshem, director of Tel Aviv University's International Center for the study of Bird Migration at Latrun, will discuss migration in Israel and on a global scale.

— Per Alstrom, a research scientist at the Evolutionary Biology Centre of Sweden's Uppsala University, will explain how to identify Pipits, Wagtails and other passerines.

— David M. Cottridge, famous British bird photographer, will give a presentation of bird images, plus tips on photography.

The basic festival package includes flights from the UK and Europe, ground transport, seven nights at the hotel on a bed and breakfast basis and shuttle passes for the week. Amenities also include entrance to the opening banquet, all four lectures and the Eilat ringing and research park as well as discounts for various city attractions.

A special fly-and-drive package offers the additional service of a rental car for the week or for three days. Festival organizers are also considering a new photography package that will feature picture-snapping guidance from world-class photographers. If organizers receive enough orders to implement the photography package, they will also launch a photo contest, open to all festival attendees.

The festival will also feature four tours:

— The Magical Dead Sea tour features birds typical of the Dead Sea region as several migrant species.

— The Nizzana Bustards, Sandgrouse and More tour targets the specialty species of the Nizzana and western Negev region.

— The Enigmatic Nubian Nightjar tour is designed to allow participants to see one of the region's rarest birds. A large portion of this tour's proceedings will go towards conservation of the critically endangered species.

— The Southern Israel Nightlife tour allows participants to experience the southern Israel deserts at night and look for local owl species, migrant Egyptian Nightjars as well as animals like the Golden Jackal, Southern Red Fox, wolves, various rodents, reptiles and more.

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