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Biznar, One-Stop Business Research Portal, Launches at Internet Librarian

Free federated search portal directs business researchers to top-quality deep web content

SANTA FE, N.M., Oct. 21, 2008 — Deep Web Technologies debuted a beta version of the first of its line of free, federated search portals, Biznar (, a publicly available business research website. Using Deep Web's highly sought-after federated search technology, Explorit Research Accelerator, Biznar scans the best business websites on the Internet, including blogs, news sites, patent sources, search engines and deep web sources, returning the most relevant results to one, easily navigable, ranked page.

Federated search is the future of search because of its ease and power to find content not normally indexed by the popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and others. Similar to metasearch technologies, federated search performs real-time, parallel searches of multiple information sources, merging the results into one page. Additionally, freely searchable value-added, subscriber-based and fee-based content is available through federated search engines like Biznar. Publishers appreciate federated search technology because it enables them to retain greater control of their content than when indexed through popular search engines.

With Biznar, users can avoid searching business websites one-by-one by searching them all at the same time. "Until now, there's been little done to support business researchers with publicly available websites," said Abe Lederman, founder and CEO of Deep Web Technologies. "Smaller organizations that don't have the need or funds for a lot of premium content can use Biznar to improve the quality of their research on a shoestring budget. Not only will Biznar direct researchers to credible sources of information – including deep web resources – but it will introduce them to new information websites, enhancing their research."

Biznar overcomes many of the burdens of typical open web searches. The use of federated search technology means there's no reliance on crawled content – searches are done in real time. Further, users are directed only to vetted research sources, chosen for their outstanding contributions to business research. Particularly unique are the deep web sources, which aren't searched by general search engines and as a result, reveal new sources of information.

Users have more control over their search parameters. On Biznar, an "Advanced Search" page allows researchers to select all sources or specific sources to search, providing more focus. Search tools that are more typical of premium databases are included in Biznar, allowing users to quickly hunt by article title, author, or publication year. Results are then ranked with a five-star system that shows relevancy at a glance. Biznar also includes advanced yet intuitive navigation capabilities, such as topical clustering, view by source and sort options.

Through its Alerts feature, Biznar can be set to automatically perform repeat searches, delivering the results to users' email boxes or RSS/ATOM readers, thereby keeping users up to date on their research interests without requiring them to conduct new searches. Alerts can be customized to deliver new research daily, weekly or monthly.

"The bottom line on Biznar is that it's designed to make business research fast and efficient," said Mr. Lederman.  "It's up-to-the-minute and as comprehensive as the user wants. It is the ideal search solution."

Biznar ( is the first in Deep Web Technologies' new line of vertical search portals aimed at improving research quality in specific market areas. To learn more about any of Deep Web Technologies' search solutions, visit

About Deep Web Technologies

Deep Web Technologies ( creates custom, sophisticated federated search solutions for clients who demand precise, accurate results. Founded by industry thought leader and "deep web" pioneer Abe Lederman, Deep Web Technologies created the powerful Explorit Research Accelerator, software that searches, retrieves, aggregates and analyzes content from deep web databases – data that is inaccessible to general search engines. Serving Fortune 500 companies, the Alliance, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Defense Technical Information Center,, and a variety of research and library alliances, Deep Web Technologies has built a reputation as the "researcher's choice" for its advanced, agile information discovery tools.

Deep Web Technologies is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where it has earned four Flying 40 Awards as one of the fastest growing high-tech companies.

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