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Bob Akmens Sports Wins The Sports Monitor's College Football Contest, Beating Out 124 Services With the Largest Margin of Victory in 27 Years also wins the TSM NFL contest in most net profit won with 70.8%; Akmens becomes the first handicapper to ever win over 70% in both college and NFL football in the same year

ARCADIA, Fla., Aug. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – As the 2013 college & NFL football seasons begin, Bob Akmens Sports ( is ready for a repeat of the record-shattering football season they had last year. The gold standard of sports service monitors is Ruth Glasgow's The Sports Monitor, which has tracked handicapper performance since the 1980s. Of the thousands of so-called sports services, only 100-150 will risk exposing their records publicly in contests such as those The Sports Monitor (TSM) runs.

Last year's football season began with 125 sports services in the TSM contests. Because those services are reputable, it's very hard for one service to truly stand out from the others. Before last year the average victory margin in win-percentage in any TSM football contest was 0.9% (less than a single percent) and the largest victory margin ever was 4%.

Bob Akmens Sports had the greatest football handicapping season ever documented last year. In college football, they won the TSM contest in multiple categories with 73.47%, more than 9% better than the second-place service. In the NFL, they won 70.83% and were #1 in the most net profit won category at TSM. became the very first sports service to ever win over 70% in both college football & the NFL in the same season. This had never been done before in any national football contests.

And the ultimate football handicapping contest for a sports service is The Sports Monitor's Combination Football Contest. Bob Akmens Sports won that contest, finishing #1 in every category, and winning 72.16%.

Service #2 (out of 125) had 63%.  Services 3-125 had 59% or less.'s 9%+ margin of victory in the most difficult and most important football handicapping contest for sports services destroyed every record in the books. The biggest win in this top contest had ever been 4%. And more than doubled that with 9% better than anyone else.

Records in individual categories of these contests such as most net wins, win percentage, most net profit, return-on-risk, etc. were also established with documented records such as 24-4 in college football totals. proved themselves to truly be the world's best sports handicappers last year. But none of this was new to (owned by The New York Times) has called Bob Akmens "one of the most respected handicappers in the business," and pays him the ultimate compliment that "no other handicapper can match Akmens in terms of winning."

With 320 #1 finishes in different categories (win %, most net wins, etc.) of documented handicapping contests, Bob Akmens Sports has time and again proven to be the best overall sports handicapper there is. Which may be why's sports betting expert has also said, "I can count on one hand the number of services that I would give a positive recommendation about to a fellow sports bettor. Bob Akmens Sports would certainly be included in that select group."

That's why Google & Bing come up with Bob Akmens Sports as the top hit for "world's best handicapper."

You can't rank #1 for a search term like that out of millions of hits…unless you have backed that up with performance over the years.

No wonder said about Bob Akmens Sports, "you get what you pay for…plus more."  #1 handicapper  in win percentage. #1 handicapper in most net wins.  #1 handicapper in most net profit.  #1 handicapper in return-on-risk.  Hard working. Profit producing. Who could ask for anything more this football season?


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