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Brightly Colored Yellow and Blue Striped Netprotect® Durable Mosquito Bed Nets Now Available in Kigali

KOLDING, Denmark, Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Bestnet A/S announced today that now, in addition to being available in traditional white, Netprotect® bed nets are available in Kigali in decorative yellow and blue stripes. Which means that consumers can buy a mosquito bed net that is long lasting, strong, beautifully colored and contains an insecticide to kill mosquitoes.


Netprotect® mosquito bed nets give consumers protection against annoying mosquito bites and malaria, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, and the ability to decorate their bedrooms.  These attractive nets, which last up to five years, will make more people want to hang them up and sleep under them because they are so beautiful.

The new brightly colored yellow and blue striped nets are available in pharmacies and supermarkets in Kigali.  However, the distribution network will continue to expand to make the striped nets available throughout the entire country.

These nets are made of fabric that is very strong, and can last twice as long as many of the bed nets that are currently available in Kigali stores. The addition of the insecticide means that the bed net can kill insects that land on it, even when no one is sleeping beneath it.

The manufacturer Bestnet A/S has partnered with Balton Rwanda SARL to act as their agent to introduce these colorful and effective long lasting insecticide incorporated mosquito bed nets to the Rwandan consumer market.

About Bestnet A/S
Bestnet A/S is the Danish manufacturer of Netprotect® Long Lasting Insecticide incorporated Mosquito Nets (LLINs).  Each month, Bestnet produces over 3 million Netprotect® LLINs that are used across Africa to combat malaria and other diseases transmitted by insects.

More information about Netprotect® is available at or by contacting Bestnet Director Trine Angeline Sig, Email, mob.: +45 2826 2600.

About Balton Rwanda SARL
Balton Rwanda SARL is a subsidiary of British based Balton CP.  For more than 50 years, Balton has focused their business in sub-Saharan Africa to deliver high-quality products that improve public health, such as providing safe, cost effective products to control the pests that spread infectious diseases, with the aim of eliminating the serious threat of malaria from Africa in future.

More information about Balton Rwanda SARL is available by contacting them at Balton Rwanda SARL, 21 Avenue de la Paix, B.P 2972, Kigali, Rwanda.  Tel: + (250) 252 570 053, Fax: + (250) 252 570 073.  Mob: + (250) 788 307 485 / +(250) 788 307 096 or by email at Email: Email