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Browser Plugins Now Available for Major Science Search Engines

SANTA FE, N.M., May 21, 2009 — Deep Web Technologies has developed OpenSearch browser plugins for one-click searching of the world's best scientific information portals, including,,,, and Users can easily add any of these portals to their browser's search engine box by going to and clicking on a portal to automatically add it to their search box. Typically, the browser search box is located in the upper right corner and users can specify what search engine they would like to search from a drop-down box adjacent to this search box.

"At Deep Web Technologies, we want to find the simplest ways to increase information accessibility," said Abe Lederman, company founder and President. "OpenSearch provides a standard way for users to add their favorite science search engines to their browser of choice."

OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for sharing search results. Created by, an company, the OpenSearch format is now in use by hundreds of search engines and search applications around the Internet. Deep Web Technologies utilizes the OpenSearch format for each of their target search portals, bringing Web 2.0 accessibility to the most important science search portals available.

Of the six OpenSearch plugins created, five are to federated search applications developed by Deep Web Technologies that search some of the best deep web science content available. Federated search performs real-time, parallel searches of multiple information sources, merging the results into one page. Freely searchable value-added content is available through federated search engines surfacing it to a variety of users, who might otherwise not be aware of its existence. Federated Search is a great information discovery tool that enables the rapid and cost-effective integration of multiple, valuable information sources into one web-portal without significant expense or effort on the part of content owners.

"We're making these plugins available to all of our customers," noted Lederman. "It makes it easy to search for information in your favorite science search engines right from your browser's toolbar."

Deep Web Technologies plans on expanding their current scientific and technical plugins as well as creating plugins in more subjects. To learn more about Deep Web Technologies and its Explorit Research Accelerator(TM) federated search product, please visit

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Deep Web Technologies ( creates custom, sophisticated federated search solutions for clients who demand precise, accurate results. The tool of choice when needing to access the deep web, federated search performs real-time, parallel searches of multiple information sources, merging the results into one page. Serving Fortune 500 companies, the Alliance (, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the Dept. of Defense, ),, ( and a variety of other customers and partners, Deep Web Technologies has built a reputation as the "researcher's choice" for its advanced, agile information discovery tools.

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