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Bullying Resources: Anti-Bullying Expert Mr. Mojo Offers New Book, Toolkit and Radio Show to Help Protect Your Child from Abuse

Comprehensive Program Helps School Districts Comply with Mandate to Protect Children

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — America's Anti-Bullying Coach, Mr. Mojo, has unveiled three new anti-bullying resources for teachers, parents and students as he begins his Winter "No Bullying Tour" to speak to more than 140 schools through the United States.

The three new resources for teacher, administrators, students and parents help his mission to stop ongoing abuses, prevent future occurrences and overcome past situations are:

  • The Bullying Prevention Toolkit is a comprehensive program for administrators, teachers, students and parents with sample procedures, forms and teaching aids geared to general harassment for every grade level.
  • "Mojo Up! & Stop Bullying," a new book that shows students how to believe in themselves, how to accept other students.
  • Mr. Mojo Radio Show will start on January 21, 2013 and will offer guidance to improve student safety.

"Bullying in schools is a real epidemic and children, schools and parents need answers!" said Mr. Mojo, also known as Travis Brown, who speaks to elementary schools, middle schools and high schools across the country. Schools that order their class rings and robes from Herff-Jones, Inc. should contact their school representative to book Mr. Mojo as he is their sponsored celebrity speaker.

"Schools are required by law to provide anti-bullying programs to students which is a good first step. I also help parents and students confront bullies with online training programs," said Mr. Mojo.

The Bullying Prevention Toolkit contains all the forms, teaching materials and videos to help school administrators, teachers and students create an effective program that complies with state anti-bullying procedures.

For administrators, the resource provides instructions for developing policies and procedures, how to report and investigate, sample definitions and a sample anti-bullying policy. Also included are surveys for students, staff, educators and parents.  Time-saving forms will help administrations with such issues as incident reporting and logging. Sample articles for the school newspaper are included.

The bullying resources for students include team development tools to implement prevention measures as well as sample flyers, posters, press releases and banners.

The bullying resources for parents includes lesson plans, case studies, video teaching clips that cover such issues as "Diversity: Normal vs. Different." Bullying prevention videos are age appropriate for elementary, intermediate, middle and high school.

The program is free to schools that hire Mr. Mojo to present training sessions and motivation speeches. Other schools can purchase the comprehensive program for only $995.

"The toolkit and on-site speaking program are the perfect solution for school administrators who need more than just a speaker but need a program that can be implemented all year," he said.

The resource is perfect for school administrations who ask, "How can I comply with state mandates to stop bullying in schools?" and for parents who ask, "How can I protect my kid from being bullied?"

"Mojo Up! & Stop Bullying" answers frequently asked questions by students including:

  • How can I start an anti-bullying program?
  • What can I do to stop bullying in my school?
  • How can I believe in myself?

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About "Mr. Mojo" – Travis Brown

As a top motivational speaker, Travis acquired the name "Mr. Mojo" for his high energy, intense content and captivating speaking style.

On his speaking tours, Travis has impacted the lives of nearly 300,000 students in the United States and abroad. He is also called on to bring motivation and inspiration to professional athletes and sports teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns.

Travis has been seen on FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN, and as an inspiring coach on MTV's show "MADE."