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Business Coaching is a Hot Career Choice for Baby Boomers and Millennials Seeking High Paying and Satisfying Careers Beyond Cubicle Nation

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Master Business Coach Gary Henson is on a mission to show frustrated corporate workers a path to create independent businesses and regain control over their destinies in the aftermath of the Great Recession. He wants to swing open the doors to business coaching as a satisfying way to make a difference for others on their own terms and earn an excellent income.

Starting today and ending on April 5, 2013, Henson freely shares some of his best nuts-and-bolts training in a series of four high value videos to help viewers evaluate business coaching as a potential new career. Visit  to view the series.

  • Video 1: Why Business Coaching is Essential Now
  • Video 2: The Keys to Coaching Prosperity
  • Video 3: The Coaches Success Roadmap
  • Video 4: How to Get Started as a Coach

"People who are not ready to retire, have skills and experience, and need a proven way to make the switch from 'corporate prisoner' to thriving business coach will find these videos very instructive and eye-opening," Henson said.

"People around the world are worried about how to navigate the slowly recovering economy and create their own businesses without breaking the bank," Henson said. "These content-rich videos educate and inform so new and very real possibilities can emerge quickly."

Henson believes that there has never been a better time to explore business coaching as a way to reinvent a career, bridge a retirement savings gap, exit the corporate 'rut,' and make a real difference in the lives of others.  Henson has trained and certified 3,220 coaches and businesses since 1989.  Many of his clients are running thriving six-figure businesses today.

Guiding "career interventionists" to acquire the confidence and skills to succeed as independent business coaches who can drive revenue and build real value is a mission Henson is fighting for and making accessible and affordable, too.

"Whether people are ready to dive in or follow a more gradual path to career reinvention, business coaching is a viable way to transition from one line of work to another and feel deeply rewarded by the contribution you make through your work for the rest of your life," he said.

Exiting from cubicle nation to pave a path to business success as a coach requires new skills not taught in the typical corporate job.  With one leg in the job and one leg longing to step or sprint out, Henson's new course entitled The Small Business Coach Master Training System offers practical, step-by-step strategies, skills, and tactics to hasten the exit from the real job to the dream career of one's own design.

"The best first step is to watch the four videos," Henson said.

About Master Business Coach Gary Henson

Since 1989, Master Business Coach Gary Henson has been guiding clients and business coaches in training to step beyond their barriers to stalled or top performance to welcome decisive and stunning results in their business impact and quality of their lives.  Today guiding others to discover and embrace business coaching as a refreshing and rewarding new career is how he makes his biggest marketplace contribution.  To watch the first of four videos in the Business Coaching as a New Career video series, visit this link.

Henson is an expert on human performance, sales, cultural design, customer service, strategic planning, leadership, and generating increased business profits.  Having facilitated over 5000 meetings and retreats and spoken at over 200 events on topics such as business coaching, high impact leadership, building a powerful team, holding employees accountable, strategic planning made easy, excellence in customer service, training a successful sales team, and more.  Henson's perspectives have also been showcased in Fortune, Entrepreneur, The Sacramento Bee, Business Journals and Managing Success Magazine.   For media interviews, speaking invitations, and inquiries for live training and coaching certification programs, call or email Gary Henson at (916) 922-7766 and Email.

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