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Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Firm Buyer's Edge Moves to New Headquarters in Bethesda, MD

New location accommodates company's increasing number of agents serving Washington, D.C. homebuyers

BETHESDA, Md., Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — After more than 22 years in the same location, Buyer's Edge, a leading Bethesda, MD-based Exclusive Buyer Brokerage firm, has moved to a new headquarters located at 4849 Rugby Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814.


The new office houses the company's team of 13 realtors as well as administrative staff. "Its high-tech layout is designed to help our growing team of buyer's agents meet the needs of their clients even more effectively," said Steve Israel, President of Buyer's Edge. "It's a great space to showcase both our technology and our people as well as giving us room to grow."

Buyer's Edge continues to expand in the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas. "We live, work, and play here.  This kind of intimate knowledge gives our agents the ability to find great deals on luxury houses, townhomes, and condos," said Israel.

Once an emerging trend, the concept of a "buyer's broker" has taken a firm hold in the real estate marketplace, fueling the growing number of buyer broker assisted transactions. "A buyer broker has no listings to sell, therefore has no special interest in one property over the next," explained Israel, who founded Buyer's Edge to provide a consumer-oriented approach to home buying, eliminating the implicit conflict of interest when two agents from the same firm are representing the buyer and seller in the same transaction. The company was the first, and is the largest, real estate company working exclusively for home buyers 100% of the time in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.  "All of our efforts are directed to finding the best house, at the lowest price, on the best terms for the home buyer," said Israel. "Using a buyer's broker may help shave thousands off a home's purchase price, mortgage or various other costs because our vision is so clear. It is always and only about the buyer.

For more information, contact Steve Israel, Buyer's Edge, 4849 Rugby Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA.  Phone: 301.657.1475 or 800.207.6810 (toll free), Fax: 301.657.4494, Email or visit