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California Air Resources Board Verifies First Diesel Particulate Filter with Safety Device Manufactured by Boshart Engineering, Inc.

ONTARIO, Calif., Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — On September 10, 2012, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced that Boshart Engineering, Inc. had achieved verification of the BE Econix Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) active metal system with the industry's first safety device for a DPF. This verification has allowed Boshart to immediately market and install systems with their safety device to support California fleet regulations and air quality improvement efforts.

"We were able to achieve the vision of including a safety device with a DPF through a diligent and dedicated effort of CARB," said Ken Boshart, CEO. "We were thrilled to meet CARB requirements for our verification, which now allows us to provide the marketplace with BE Econix DPF that now ranks first in safety."

Initially approved for truck fleets that do not pass temperature cycle requirements, the BE Econix DPF active metal system with a patented safety device provides an added measure of safety that can be retrofit onto a wide range of existing heavy-duty diesel trucks that need an active or passive filter solution.  The BE Econix DPF active metal system has the shortest regeneration time in the industry, at less than 10 minutes and without a plug in.  In addition, it meets the highest efficiency and retrofit requirements of the California Air Resources Board for vehicles that have the most demanding conditions and duty cycles in the truck fleets.

Since CARB's approval of the BE Econix DPF active metal system with a safety device, several companies are now using this DPF for their truck fleets and investigating use in off-road vehicles, stationary applications, and even school buses. "Interest in the BE Econix DPF is not only for added safety and protection from the safety device, but also because, when combined with our DPF, the system offers a cost benefit of a significant magnitude over the life of the engine, not previously available," said Boshart. "Our extensive experience in working with regulatory authorities to get this approval, combined with their heightened interest in assuring optimal safety solutions, makes us confident that we can extend these approvals across multiple industry segments."

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About the California Air Resources Board (CARB): The California Air Resources Board is a part of the California Environmental Protection Agency, an organization which reports directly to the Governor's Office in the Executive Branch of California State Government. The Mission of the California Air Resources Board: To promote and protect public health, welfare and ecological resources through the effective and efficient reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering the effects on the economy of the state. For further information, please visit their website at:

About Boshart Engineering, Inc.: Boshart Engineering, Inc. manufactures the BE Econix retrofit emission control system for today's existing diesel engines. Our diesel particulate filter has been verified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to provide maximum particulate matter emission reductions for a wide range of diesel applications. BE provides proven solutions to diesel emissions compliance while extending the operating life of existing equipment and avoiding costly replacement. Our exclusive network of distributors throughout California and the United States provide local pre- and post-retrofit sale support, installation and training. Boshart Engineering, Inc. is headquartered in Ontario, California.

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