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New Children's Brand Baby Jock Launches Health Revolution for Kids, Puts Childhood Obesity 'On the Run'

PORT ORANGE, Fla., Dec. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — It's the start of a Revolution as the brand Baby Jock sets to launch on December 21, 2012 and make a positive change in the world.

"It's time for change," says business man turned entrepreneur, Dave McCutcheon. "We are here to make children's and families lives better by starting babies and kids off with the proper nutrition and activity."

McCutcheon started his company, Baby Jock, from the simple concept of making fitness fun for kids through innovative, high-quality products. He acquired a deal for his first product line, the Baby Jock Edition by FirstBIKE, a balance bike that is in over 30 countries across the world and has numerous awards and benefits for children.

"The reason I started with this product is because it actually raises children's heart rates and keeps them active through play and just having fun. Kids don't even notice that they are receiving the benefits of early development of balance, motor skills, and confidence! This product leads children to be able to ride a pedal bike almost 2 years earlier than the average starting age today, plus gives them the advantage of already having learned motor skills, balance, and confidence to try different activities and sports," says McCutcheon.

One of the largest problems in society today is childhood obesity. The goal of Baby Jock is to give parents a reputable brand to recognize as the brand for a healthier, more active baby, and also prevent childhood obesity through its product lines.

"There are a lot of organizations in the world today trying to reverse this epidemic but have little to no traction. With the Baby Jock message and products, it is an in-your-face, everyday reminder of your decisions for your child and family, as you have these products and this brand in and around your house and life," explains McCutcheon. "The Baby Jock product lines will be expanding into every avenue of the baby and kids market, such as baby gear, DVD series, baby formula, baby food, strollers, high chairs, room decor, and etc., as it becomes a household name."

So will we see the Baby Jock brand on store shelves anytime soon? McCutcheon responds, "The brand and products have proven themselves and now we are seeking a partner or partnerships with established worldwide distribution. Our customers are growing exponentially and quickly as they see the need for the Baby Jock brand, message, and active product lines in the market. Now we just need to get the word out."

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