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Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Brett Payne Now Offers Chelation Therapy, Metabolic Weight Loss and Vitamin Infusions for Health

EULESS, Texas, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Brett Payne, director at Innovate Health, has announced that the clinic is now offering cardiovascular chelation therapy, IV vitamin infusions, metabolic weight loss and hormone options, and full body detoxification and cleansing. The array of new services is specially designed to eliminate harmful toxins and promote the body's cellular health.

"Individuals are bombarded with toxins every day from the atmosphere and their environment," said Payne. "Those toxins can lead to devastating health problems and make patients feel old beyond their years. Our treatments address those issues, anti-aging concerns and help return clients to their normal healthy selves."

Chelation is the process by which substances ranging from vitamins, minerals and antibiotics work within the body. Over time, free radicals build up within the body and lead to an extensive number of aging related conditions and health problems. Cardiovascular chelation treatments relieve the symptoms of arterial blockage, regulate calcium and cholesterol, and restore the body's natural balances.

Infusions are administered over the course of one-to five hours through IV chelation. Patients can read, surf the Web or watch movies during the treatments, while relaxing in the comfort of a recliner. Treatments detoxify the entire body, removing a multitude of toxins that includes heavy metals, chemicals and preservatives, along with pesticides, molds and unwanted bacteria. Toxins are flushed painlessly from the body.

Obesity and associated health problems present growing problems that shorten life and interfere with quality of life. For men and women suffering from weight related problems, the clinic offers safe metabolic weight loss options. Plans are tailored to the needs of the individual. Patients are provided with comprehensive resources, strategies and techniques to assist clients with safe, healthy weight loss.

As men age, they often experience problems with their testosterone levels that affects libido, sexual function and bone strength, along with hair growth, energy level and fat distribution. Low testosterone levels are often associated with diabetes, COPD and renal disease. Innovate Health can help with a variety of hormone therapies to adjust testosterone in men and estrogen levels in women.

Vitamins are essential elements and Innovate Health offers vitamin infusions for those suffering from a lack of magnesium, or vitamin B and C. Patients can also avail themselves of a Myer's Cocktail, a vitamin and mineral formula used to treat a wide range of conditions. Infusions are beneficial for those suffering from fatigue, addictions and fibromyalgia, along with PMS, PTSD and muscle spasms.

Fans can follow Dr. Payne on Facebook at, on Twitter at, on YouTube at, and on LinkedIn at The well-known chiropractic neurologist also maintains an informative blog. The clinic is located at 910 North Main Street, Suite #1, in Euless. Hours of operation are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 3-6 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday, and closed Saturday and Sunday.

The IV cardiovascular chelation treatments, anti-aging and IV vitamin infusions, hormone therapy and metabolic weight loss options at Innovate Health help patients avoid a wide range of health problems. Detoxification procedures and weight loss options, along with hormone and vitamin replenishment, restore clients' bodies to their natural balance for better physical, mental and emotional health.

The clinic can be reached by phone at 817-358-3552. For more information, visit the website at