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New City Moving Partners With Move for Hunger to Deliver Unwanted Food Items to Area Food Banks

Chicago-based moving company embodies the value of giving back to the community

CHICAGO, Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — New City Moving, the fastest-growing moving company in the state of Illinois, has announced a partnership with Move for Hunger that will deliver truckloads of non-perishable food items to local food banks. The company has already been recognized as a model of community involvement and civic responsibility, encouraging movers to donate unneeded items to charitable organizations. New City Moving has likewise excelled in customer service, receiving the coveted Angie's List 2012 Super Service Award.

"We believe in the importance of giving back," said New City Moving founder Brian Slater. "After all, it's been the community of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs that has made our success possible. We know that even in the best of times, many of our friends and neighbors struggle with making ends meet. It's our duty to contribute to the common good, using the tools and resources we have available. As a moving company, we're experts at getting stuff from one place to another quickly and efficiently, whether it's furniture or food."

New City Moving brings significant and innovative value-adds to the somewhat traditional domain of moving. The company offers a wide range of moving services, from large-scale commercial moving to simple room re-arrangement. Customers receive support from a personal moving consultant, who helps manage the logistics of the moving process. The consultant will create a quote, determine the necessary tools for the move, and prepare a customized plan for moving day.

Boasting a fleet of 20 trucks and 50 movers and staff, New City Moving can handle moves anywhere within the state of Illinois. Alternatively, the company also routinely helps with in-building moves, such as relocating from one floor of an apartment building to another. If a customer has already secured a truck, movers can be dispatched to assist with loading or unloading. New City Moving employees are fully qualified to move pianos, art and priceless antiques.

The employees at New City Moving are experienced and dedicated professionals, each with ample experience in the moving industry. All team supervisors have at least five years' leadership experience. The company is fully licensed and insured, so customers can rest assured that they're protected in the event of an accident. In the more than three years since operations began, the Better Business Bureau has not received a single complaint against the company.

New City Moving continually looks for ways to contribute to the health of the community, typically through offering their services free of charge. The recent partnership with Move for Hunger is just one more example of this young company's civic mindedness.

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After working for years in the moving industry, Brian Slater decided it was time customers were offered something better than impersonal service, broken furniture, and final costs far over estimates. In 2009, he took everything that was wrong with the moving industry and turned it right side up. The result became New City Moving, a company committed to service representatives and movers who are not only the best in the field, but treat every customer with the same care they would give their own grandmother.

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