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CollaborateMD's New Central Business Intelligence Report Builder Deemed a Huge Success, Far Surpassing Company's Initial Expectations

Customers build over 1,000 custom reports with new report builder

ORLANDO, Fla., April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In January 2013 CollaborateMD released their new Central Business Intelligence (CBI) feature, which included a Report Builder for customers. Since the feature release, less than three months ago, CollaborateMD customers have created over 1,000 custom reports in the software and have far exceeded CollaborateMD's expectations.

The CBI Report Builder allows users to copy any of the current 100 report templates or create new reports from scratch. The Report Builder has the ease of drag-and-drop fields, filters, grouping, and charting. It provides the user with the capability to modify report templates on their own, allowing them to visualize, analyze, and report on their data in minutes. Even non-technical users can become experts in building reports to visualize the data to meet their needs.

"The report builder was exactly what our customers wanted; I was overwhelmed by the number of custom and new reports they've already created," commented Douglas Kegler, Founder and CEO of CollaborateMD. "It's been a bigger success than we anticipated."

In the next release of the CollaborateMD software v9.0, slated for late April, the CBI feature will include dashboards allowing customers to identify important trends on the health of their medical practice. Customers will be able to select the most important gadgets to place on their personal dashboards. Each time the user logs in they can see key metrics to help drive office priorities and improve their financial success.

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