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New Collection of Poetry Offers Deep Spectrum of Meaning

"Changed on the Wheel" Presents Poems that Encourage, Inspire and Illuminate

MALVERN, Ark., April 20, 2009 — In her new collection of poetry, "Changed on the Wheel: A Progression of Poems" (published by AuthorHouse), Kristin Plummer seeks to convey the importance of relationships, both with God and with one another. "I have a sort of divine mandate to express what I experience as spiritual truth in my own life, and this motif often finds its way into my poems to others," she writes. "Sometimes it is subtle, and at other times it is very blatant."

With over 100 poems, dated and progressing in chronological order, many of the poems in "Changed on the Wheel" were written for special occasions — birthdays, etc. — to provide encouragement and edification, while others are more personal and describe Plummer's search for spiritual direction. Her poem, "Business in Great Waters", featured here in excerpt, uses vivid metaphors to describe such a journey:

Business in great waters of His Spirit is yours
Where you, like Columbus, have ever pressed Godward
In Westward quest to see His works, His wonders in the deep
Beyond where most would dare launch forth
And for such a time, sailing heedlessly, unheralded into the Son
For in the deep is where the nets must be let down once more
Where nothing has been caught before in dark upon old well-worn shore
Heave up the anchors in the morning watch and fly
And let the sea-winds fluff out the mainsail's banners
Rudders loosed, hold tackings to the wind
And know He's got new shorelines yet unseen, untapped
Where foot has never yet trod untried sod in God

"My poems say, 'There is more than a contained limit,'" Plummer writes. "I believe the whole spectrum of these poems is to show how we can all follow hard after Him beyond the boxed-in paradigms." Open your heart and mind with the poems of "Changed on the Wheel."

Kristin Plummer is the author of "Where the Spirit is Lord" (DB's Associates Design Group, 1995), "Receiving a Prophet" (Endtime Wave Publications, 1997) and "Spiritual Geography" (Morris Publishing, 1998). A native Arkansan, she currently resides in Arkansas and has spent a number of years teaching and leading praise and worship locally. Plummer has also studied under the auspices of and is vitally connected to Mark Hanby Ministries. "Changed on the Wheel: A Progression of Poems" was birthed during her spiritual journey during 2001 – 2007.

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