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College Admissions Book Lands Cameo Role in Tina Fey Movie Admission

PITTSBURGH, March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Nancy Berk, Ph.D., author of College Bound and Gagged had a different admission experience last month when she learned her book was included in the feature film Admission starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd (opening nationwide on March 22nd).

"I signed a release nearly a year ago, but know enough about the film industry to realize the probability of it actually showing up on screen," says Berk, an author, humorist, psychologist and blogger for The Huffington Post (Parents) and USA TODAY College. "That's probably why, when I attended the screening in New York, I was thrilled and totally shocked to see my book's big screen close-up."

College Bound and Gagged: How to Help Your Kid Get Into a Great College Without Losing Your Savings, Your Relationship, or Your Mind, (Nancy Berk Media, LLC, October 14, 2011) is a parent survival guide for the college-bound journey. Filled with strategy and humor, the book has become a "go to" resource for parents and teens navigating the road to higher education. The parent of one college grad and one college sophomore, Berk is also the host of the iTunes' entertainment podcast Whine At 9.

"My goal for this book was to provide families with information and laughs during a process that doesn't generate much comedy," notes Berk. College Bound and Gagged tackles procrastination, confusing procedures, competitive parents, standardized test anxiety, campus tour trauma, admissions office disasters and all the other bumps on the road to higher education.

"College Bound and Gagged might just be a prop with a close up, but the fact that it is included in a feature comedy and gets a nod from a fictitious Princeton University admissions officer played by Tina Fey, makes it my best book review so far," says Berk, "besides, after learning of its brush with Paul Rudd and Tina, my friends have declared it's the first time they've been jealous of an inanimate object."

Berk's recent interview with Admission screenwriter Karen Croner offered a behind the scenes' glimpse into the feature film. Berk says Admission perfectly captures the anxiety and humor of the college-bound process. "Only a brilliant team and perfect casting could make parents and teens want to sit through college admission all over again."

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