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Control4 Anywhere Access Controls and Monitors the Home or Business from any Mobile Device via a 3G/4G or Internet Connection Anywhere

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Control4, a market leader in home automation systems, announced the availability of its new Control4® Anywhere Access, which provides the ability to securely access, manage and control a home or business remotely. Part of the newly enhanced 4Sight™ service, Anywhere Access allows a secure connection to the Control4 system via a mobile devices from virtually anywhere in the world via a 3G/4G or Internet connection. Add web browser access via the Internet and security, climate control, lighting, and entertainment systems are never more than a few button presses away, no matter how far from home the user may be.

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The enhanced 4Sight service also allows users to receive alerts on the go from their Control4 system, so they can stop worrying about your home when you're away, and focus on the business—or pleasure—at hand.

"When we first had our Control4 system installed, what appealed to me most was the convenience and added security when we were actually at home. It was the usual stuff: turning the home theater system on with the touch of a single button on a remote, using the security cameras to see who's at the front door when the doorbell rings, shutting off the lights when a room is empty for a while," said Joe Hageman, a longtime Control4 customer. "But with Anywhere Access, I get that same level of home control no matter where I am. I can pull into work, tap the Control4 app on my iPhone, and check that all the doors are locked. I can be halfway around the world and get an alert when my kids unlock the door after school, or if the door opens when no one is supposed to be there. I know my home is secure, and if it's not I can act quickly."

Control4 Anywhere Access uses the same secure communication protocols and anti-hacker encryption employed by financial institutions, so users can rest assured that their remote connection to their home is just as secure as their security system.

Practically anything one can control at home can now be controlled while away, from controlling your lights and thermostats, to locking and unlocking doors, to monitoring security and surveillance systems and more. Users will never again find themselves halfway to work or halfway around the world, worrying if they locked the front door, armed the security system, turned off the lights, or turned up the thermostat. Plus, Control4 is able to control virtually anything from TVs and gaming stations to kitchen appliances along with thousands of other devices that can be easily integrated into a personalized control system.

Hageman summed it up this way: "Our family schedules are crazy. I might be the first one home at 5:00 pm; or if all the stars align, the kids might find themselves without a game, gymnastics and band practice and be home by 3:00 pm. Any of us can fire up the Control4 app, adjust the temperature, so that the house doesn't feel like an oven or a freezer when we walk through the door. Or if my wife is coming home from the store with an armful of groceries on one side and a sleepy kid on the other, she doesn't have to worry about juggling and fumbling to pull out her keys. Once she pulls into the driveway, she can unlock the door, disarm the security system, and queue up her favorite playlist all at the touch of a single button on her phone. So simple, yet it puts a smile on her face every time.  Now if I could only teach the kids to automatically help put away those groceries."

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