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Copytalk+ Smartphone App Available Now

New App is Free with Copytalk's Mobile Scribe Service

SARASOTA, Fla., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Copytalk, LLC, the leading provider of secure transcription services for financial advisors, offers the convenience of their Mobile Scribe service from any mobile device, with the Copytalk+ application.

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Copytalk+ enables advisors to record details of meetings, phone conversations, To Do lists, reminders, email drafts, etc., and have them securely transcribed and returned within hours, or uploaded directly into their CRM systems.

"At Copytalk, our mission is to help advisors be more productive and efficient," said Copytalk CEO Maree Moscati. "Copytalk+ enables us to enhance our Mobile Scribe service and provide users with an even more robust toolkit."

The Copytalk+ application runs on all iOS devices 3G or greater. It is also available on Android devices running version 2.2 or later. Since no dictation or transcription data is stored on the device itself, it remains secure and private. The application consumes no voice minutes, provides better recording quality and eliminates dropped calls. In addition, there is no limit to the number of dictations a user can make in a single session.

When using Copytalk+, there is no need for data connectivity or even a phone signal. Once the user is logged in to Copytalk+, the application can record dictations in a disconnected mode, for example in Airplane mode. Once a signal becomes available, the dictations will upload to the Copytalk servers for scribe processing. For users with limited data plans, the application can be configured to upload only when it has a WiFi signal.

Copytalk+ is free with the Mobile Scribe service and recordings are transcribed with the same level of protection and security. Copytalk never sends the dictations to a third party for processing. All dictations are transcribed in Copytalk-supervised facilities using company-provided equipment. Due to security and privacy concerns, Copytalk never outsources transcription services to overseas, freelance or home-based workers.

"I've been using Copytalk for years," said advisor coach and business development expert Bill Good. "I don't know how advisors live without a secure mobile dictation service such as Copytalk. I've seen productivity improve dramatically, not just in my own organization, which offers the Bill Good Marketing Gorilla® System, but with the advisors who are a part of our coaching program. In addition to the productivity aspects, it should be noted that documenting client meetings and phone calls is a really important aspect of client care; good documentation can mitigate compliance concerns. I'm really excited about the Copytalk+ smartphone app," Good said.

Copytalk+ is available now via iTunes or Google Play.

About Copytalk, LLC
Copytalk, LLC, based in Sarasota, Florida, provides industry-leading, secure transcription to financial services professionals. Since 2001, the firm has served tens of thousands of clients across a broad range of institutions. For client-focused financial professionals, Copytalk is able to securely deliver transcribed notes or enter them directly into their CRM systems.  Copytalk is unique in that all work is transcribed in US-based, secured, monitored facilities, rather than in home-based or overseas environments like most other transcription services. For more information, visit

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