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Credit Score Website Passes 10 Years of Providing Information

The Credit Scoring Site Chronicles a Decade of Credit Score Events

DAYTON, Ohio, May 4, 2009 — The Credit Scoring Site,, passed its 10th year of providing credit score information to citizens, journalists, legislators and regulators.

Stemming from a year-long correspondence with the national credit bureaus to get information about something called a "credit score" and merely to obtain an actual credit score number, the website was named a USA Today HotSite immediately after its debut in 1998. In 1999 a Federal Reserve Bank paper called pages on "interesting reading."

Updates are indexed, year-by-year, in the News section of The Credit Scoring Site. In 2000, when credit scores were still not provided to consumers, Newsweek magazine quoted author Greg Fisher about the industry's then secret score. "They act like it's a matter of national security," he said. In 2001, after the scores were released to consumers, Fisher commented in the Columbus Dispatch, "It's the piece of the puzzle that lenders have always had and consumers never had."

In 2004 and 2006, Fisher submitted comments to the Federal Reserve regarding incomplete consumer file consumer disclosures. In 2006, when asked for a comment about the three national consumer reporting agencies' new joint credit score, BusinessWeek reports Fisher is quoted as saying, "Garbage in, garbage out."

Chronicling credit score and consumer reporting events for a decade, has also been referred to by the Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, The Clark Howard Show, HowStuffWorks, and Nolo's book Credit Repair.

In an atmosphere of myth, misinformation and misunderstanding about credit scores, The Credit Scoring Site provides detailed and documented information regarding government documents referring to credit scores, definitions, credit file inquiries, buying a score, improving a score, common misconceptions about score scales and damaging misconceptions about credit score averages. The intricate details of individual credit score topics are unglamorous and boring, but their amalgamation provides useful and compelling insight for readers. Realty Times writes: " is an exceptionally-interesting site that offers news and information regarding credit scoring and — really — the entire credit process. This is a great resource that can help consumers better understand the credit process."

Today, in addition to tracking general trends and specific events as usual, The Credit Scoring Site follows the developments of the notion of credit score use in employment screening.

About the Credit Scoring Site, The Credit Scoring Site, has tracked events and trends in credit scoring since 1998. Approaching the topic of credit scores from a consumer's perspective, asks the questions the average person wants to know and provides relevant, useable analyses. For more information, contact The Credit Scoring Site, 937-681-3224; email: Email; website: PO Box 342, Dayton, Ohio, 45409-0342.

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