Press Release Headlines Video: Employers Using Credit Scores a Myth

DAYTON, Ohio, April 25, 2011 —, The Credit Scoring Site, released another video exploring the myth that employers use credit scores.

Coinciding with National Financial Literacy Month, the consumer-oriented website's second video includes three television networks, cable news channels, the Federal Reserve, and state and federal legislators — including a U.S. Senator. In the video, lauding passage of a new law, the governor of Illinois said, "Unfortunately, some employers are using credit score [sic] of an individual person to decide whether someone gets hired, or someone gets retained on a job, or someone gets a promotion on that job."

In 2008, published correspondence with national consumer-reporting agencies (commonly called credit bureaus) TransUnion, Experian and Equifax in which they stated that they do not provide credit scores for employment purposes. They provide a type of report for employment screening, but those reports do not contain credit scores. The website chronicled the hiring decisions false rumor in the three years since the exchanges, and continues to do so.

New features on The Credit Scoring Site are named for holidays such as Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. The St. Patrick's Day page highlights VantageScore, a joint venture of the credit bureaus, stating, inaccurately, that employers used credit scores, then retracting its statement. The credit score employers myth video feature is entitled National Financial Literacy Month.

Greg Fisher, author of, comments: "This is an old story, but the employers-use-credit-scores zombie myth won't die. Actually, it seems to keep growing. Unfortunately, compared to the television networks, the blogosphere, Wikipedia and the U.S. Senate, is a peashooter."

Until now, Fisher avoided using the word "myth," but explains: "After following the issue for three years, it was time to call it what it is: a myth. But, somehow, I feel like I'm not going to have the last word."

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