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Crocodile Launches Comprehensive Real-Time Web Communications Platform Featuring Cloud Signalling Network and WebRTC Developer SDK

Innovative technology poised to revolutionize means of communication

LONDON, May 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Crocodile RCS today launched a complete real-time communications platform comprising an open cloud signalling network, developer SDK providing session control, management and billing capabilities, and sample WebRTC applications. It is targeted at individual app designers, company website developers and service providers who would like to incorporate real-time web communications into their applications and services.

According to John Parr, Co-Founder of Crocodile, "WebRTC is poised to revolutionize the way people communicate using both fixed and mobile devices. It allows web applications to control real-time voice and video communications directly from the browser, making it unnecessary to download soft clients or apps. In the first wave of WebRTC deployments we will see a proliferation of RCS, 'skype-like' conferencing and value-added services and Crocodile's platform supports all of these. But the really exciting thing about real-time web communications is its potential to change the way we communicate, so that remote communication is enhanced through process and context exchange to become a truly shared experience. Future releases of the Crocodile platform are aimed at unleashing the full potential of WebRTC."

Crocodile has simultaneously released a sample WebRTC application, Crocodile Talk, to demonstrate the scope and ease-of-use of the SDK. Crocodile Talk allows voice and video calls to be made direct from the browser, low-cost calls to fixed and mobile number, Instant Messaging, presence and file transfer.

Crocodile is a leading contributor to the open-source community. Crocodile's cloud SIP, XMPP and MSRP signalling network is open, free, and supports peering with other networks. This allows Crocodile users to make calls to users registered with other networks by calling their SIP URL, which is identical in format to an email address.

The Crocodile WebRTC SDK is hosted at

Crocodile Talk is hosted at

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