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CTEK Reminds Vehicle Owners of the Importance of a Thorough Spring Clean

LONDON, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Car owners often prepare their vehicles for the winter months, but then forget to maintain important components after the cold weather is over, so global car battery charger brand CTEK is reminding people to spring clean their cars, inside, outside and under the bonnet.


Cleaning a car is especially important at this time of year when the grit and salt from the roads is at its maximum, so treat the paintwork to a deep clean and polish. Washing a car will care for the paintwork and stop it from looking dull over time, plus bird droppings and tree sap can damage it for good if not promptly washed away. More importantly, it will help to look after the chassis, keeping rust damage at bay. By not washing the exterior of a car, the value can be decreased or it could mean extra trips to the garage if the frame requires welding.


It's not often a home goes weeks before a sweep or vacuum, so why are cars treated so badly? A deep valet clean at least once a year will help to keep the trim in good condition, which will be important when it comes to selling on the vehicle. Furthermore, a professional will use specialist disinfectant to remove germs, odours and dust particles that build up from smoking, drinking, and eating in the vehicle.


Before the icy weather hits, most people ensure they have sufficient grip on their tyres as well as the correct amount of air in them. However, too many people don't undertake checks at regular intervals, meaning the tread could easily have been worn below the legal limit over the winter months. Cold weather can also decrease tyre pressure so it's crucial to check the air levels, particularly as warmer temperatures arrive.


As it is placed under additional stress in the cold, the battery is another car component that receives more attention during the winter. Nevertheless, battery failure can occur at any time, regardless of the season, so it is important to continually maintain this vital device as a majority of battery related issues can be prevented with basic upkeep. Spring is the ideal time to connect a 12v battery charger, which will recharge it to its maximum capacity. A smart charger will determine whether the unit can hold and retain a charge, establish the condition of the battery and take the necessary steps to return it to full health, for example, removing sulphur build-up from the plates.

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