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Customers Can Find Affordable Bottles of Macallan Scotch and More at

Scotch retailer The Whiskey Place announces deals on its fine bottles from top-shelf brands like Macallan and Glenlivet.

NEW YORK, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Whiskey Place, a liquor retailer that carries Glenlivet scotch and more, is currently showcasing its special deals on Macallan bottles at . The brand-name alcohol is well-suited to all drinkers looking for affordable liquor options.

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"At The Whiskey Place, we strive to bring our dedicated customers the best deals on the liquor they love. Right now, we're spotlighting significant discounts on our variety of Macallan scotch products. The bottles in our online catalog — which range in age from 10 years to 25 years — are all marked down from their retail prices so individuals can order them without draining their wallets," said Moshe Zimmerman, CEO of The Whiskey Place.

One of the company's best scotch deals is on the 12-year Macallan 750 ML bottle, which boasts a full body and amber color. It has a somewhat sweet finish without being syrupy, for a satisfying, smooth taste. Even at just 12 years, it carries aromas of butterscotch and sherry with a honeyish malt character. Produced in the Highlands, the premier liquor can be purchased for just $55.99 from The Whiskey Place, a savings of $5.60 off the retail price of $61.59.

For those looking to buy single malt that has a lighter, more flowery taste, the whiskey specialists offer the 10-year Macallan Fine Oak, a liquor that has a buttery and malty taste on the palate with honey flowery notes. The 750 ML bottle, originally priced at $51.69, is in stock for only $46.99, saving customers $4.70. They can save even more money by ordering 12 or more bottles, lowering the price of each bottle to just $44.64. The bulk order is ideal for businesses or restaurants, as they can save money while restocking their shelves.

While these selections are well-suited to casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike, the scotch vendor also sells more exquisite, aged bottles. The 18-year Macallan, for example, can be found through The Whiskey Place for just $179.99, a savings of $18 off the original retail price of $197.99. The 750 ML bottle is one of the oldest Macallan scotch selections in the company's catalog, and it has an extraordinarily fruity flavor for a whiskey. As a well-aged liquor, the 18-year Macallan is beautifully rounded with hints of red apples.

To learn more about The Whiskey Place or to buy scotch, individuals can visit the company online at . They can also speak with a scotch expert by calling 877-944-6440. The company is active in the social media sphere, on sites such as Facebook at and Twitter at, and it regularly updates a Glenlivet scotch blog at .

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