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Cut Your Workout Time in Half to Effectively Burn Fat: Dr. Del Millers' New 4 Book Series Explains Process of Losing Weight Fast But Naturally

Pioneer of fitness and personal growth's books offer secrets to best body ever

LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — 35.9% of adults age 20 and over in the United States are classified as obese, and about 32.4% of overweight adults are advised by their doctors to begin an exercise regime. Many begin an exercise program only to get frustrated by the lack of results. A new book series, Dr. Del's Rapid Fatless Program explains why the bulk of exercisers have the wrong approach toward fat-burning.

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With his new series, Dr. Del Millers explains that most fail in exercise routines because they don't change their approach toward weight-loss. The titles explain better fat loss results from short intense bouts of exercise than from longer moderate-intensity sessions. Using Millers' approach, most exercisers could get twice the fat loss results in half the time spent during their usual exercise routine.

"Focusing on calories in vs. calories out is outdated thinking about weight loss. Exercisers need to create significant 'physiological adaptations' within the body to sustain weight loss and create body transformation. Otherwise, an exerciser will be a slave to the scale and counting calories everyday," Millers stated.

Dr. Del's Rapid Fatloss Program is four volumes, and each features fat loss techniques based on credible research studies, not fad science. The series consists of Dr. Del's Rapid Fatloss Manual, Dr. Del's Rapid Fatloss Meal Plan, Dr. Del's Rapid Fatloss Detox-Cleanse Program and Dr. Del's Rapid Fatloss Cookbook. After reading the series, readers will learn key points about weight-loss and how to burn more fat:

  • Focusing solely on weight loss may cause exercisers to actually gain weight
  • Maximizing fat loss begins with understanding how effectively the individual's body burns fat and the factors that affect the process (body composition and cardiovascular fitness)
  • Healthy bodies burn more fat

Dr. Del Millers, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized pioneer of fitness, nutrition and personal growth. Through his books, coaching programs, speaking engagements, articles and media appearances, Dr. Del has helped thousands of people to look and feel their best and live an energized life, even if they only have 10 minutes a day to spare. For more information and free video training, please visit

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