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Datascan Selects Cermetek Modem Module

Cermetek's modem module CH1799A outperformed all others

MILPITAS, Calif., June 19, 2012 — "We needed a robust modem that would work in any country under adverse conditions for our new inventory scanning system. After conducting rigorous testing of modules from a number of companies, we determined that the Cermetek CH1799A outperformed all the others," said Carter Graves, Vice President of Operations at Datascan.

"Datascan has over 80,000 handheld scanners being used worldwide by retail companies doing self-inventory of their store stock. The handheld scanners need a dependable communication link to transmit back to a central database. This is accomplished with a reliable, robust Cermetek modem module embedded in the cradle for the handheld units."

"Our CH1799A modem module has been designed with a proprietary telephone line interface that provides a wide dynamic range for interfacing to any telephone line including those in remote areas in counties around the globe," states Henry Roskos, President and Chief Technical Officer at Cermetek Microelectronics. The Cermetek modem modules are designed and manufactured in Milpitas, California and shipped worldwide.

"Cermetek is proud Datascan, a world-wide leader in the scanner market, selected our modem module."

About Cermetek

Cermetek designs, manufactures and markets fully self-contained and FCC Part 68 Registered miniature modem modules, FCC Part 15 approved wireless data modules, Internet modems and data access arrangements for use in Internet appliance, embedded industrial, telecom, security/alarm, remote diagnostics and energy monitor and conservation applications. Cermetek's latest products are systems that move sensor or other data from A to B to allow users to not only see the data over any browsers on any device 24×7 on its RSVP cloud software but also to be able to actuate devices remotely.

About Datascan

Datascan has been a leader in the inventory processing industry for the past 40 years, in 35 countries worldwide. Founded in 1970 as an inventory calculating service, we quickly grew to become the largest manual calculating service in the country. With 80,000 scanners in stock, Datascan is the nation's largest self-scanning company. We owe that growth to the incredibly strong partnerships we make with our clients. With highly customizable systems and a history of innovation driven by client requests, Datascan is committed to helping clients take the most accurate and cost-effective inventory.


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