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Deep Web Technologies Deploys More Sophisticated Version of Alerts for

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., March 6, 2006 — Alerts now takes advantage of the sophisticated search capabilities of 3.0, powered by ResearchAssistant Alerts(TM), developed by Deep Web Technologies, LLC. Launched at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Feb. 16-18, 2006), the updated Alerts technology features cutting-edge advanced search capabilities that allow refined queries to deliver the best search results to researchers. This improved technology features an intuitive user interface that makes registering and setting up Alerts effortless.

From the homepage ( individuals set up their personalized Alerts account. ResearchAssistant Alerts(TM) runs each user's alerts each week and delivers updated results right to their email. With the key improvements to's search capabilities, users will notice more relevant search results which appear first under the alert's heading. The sophisticated ranking technology determines a document's relevance by searching information such as title, author, date, abstract and other keyword identifiers.

The sophisticated advanced search features improve the precision of a search by allowing the researcher to use Boolean expressions (and, or, not, and wildcards), phrases and to specify if the search terms should be found within the title, author or anywhere in the full record. The new Alert service also features improved result duplication removal, eliminating wasted time sifting through the same results time and again.

On the front end of ResearchAssistant Alerts(TM) is an intuitive user interface. Researchers set up alerts using a simple-to-use web form. While researchers are searching the website, they can choose to automatically create an alert from a search they just performed. All of their search criteria will automatically be filled into the Alerts form. They simply need to assign their alert a name and click the "Create Alert" button. There is no limit on the number of alerts a user can create., a collaboration of 12 federal agencies, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), eases the process of accessing hard-to-find federal science information by offering the public a "one stop" search page that dives into 50 million pages of government R&D results, more than 1,800 government information resources and 30 major databases on a wide variety of scientific topics. When researchers utilize the Alert Service, this process is made even simpler by allowing ResearchAssistant Alerts(TM) to automatically do the searching for them.

About Deep Web Technologies

Deep Web Technologies is a leading developer of software that mines, aggregates and ranks content from difficult-to-access regions of the web, known as the "deep web," containing the best scientific and technical content. In addition to, DWT's technology powers major sites such as the E-Print Network ( and the Science Conferences portal ( In June 2005 DWT launched (, a free, publicly available Internet web portal allowing access to numerous scientific journals and public science databases.

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