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Deep Web Technologies Federated Search to Power Making It Easier to Find High-Quality Sci-Tech Content

SANTA FE, N.M., April 26, 2007 — Scholarly society publishers are looking for better ways to compete in the Web world. Fifteen Sci-Tech publishers believe they have found one in the search portal that will deliver focused value, somewhere in between the one-size-fits-all treatment users get from Google Scholar and the unique content search box on their individual web sites. Barbara Lange, Director of Product Line Management and Publishing Business Development for IEEE, emphasized how's real-time federated search will not leave current articles stuck in a multi-week pipeline dictated by a spidering schedule: "We publish articles now every minute of the day and night, and the moment after we publish, our [] search will find them."

As science and business environments become increasingly complex and multi-disciplinary, no one search service or database can have all relevant information. President and CTO of Deep Web Technologies (DWT), Abe Lederman, is pleased that selected DWT as its technology partner to deploy this important information discovery resource showing that his company continues to deliver on the promise of federated search technology. Mr. Lederman added, "Federated search is all we do and we are really good at it. It is gratifying to provide one simple interface that quickly accesses multiple information sources and helps users analyze results to shorten their time-to-answer research objectives."

Federated search has been in use since the late 90s, has been referred by several other names including meta search and cross search, and saves users from the inconvenience and time of searching desired databases one at a time. Lance Danbe, DWT VP Sales & Marketing, added to Mr. Lederman's thoughts, "We are very keen to deliver faster time-to-answer performance in the business, research and academic worlds. Consumer search, where a bunch of good answers are OK, is not what we are about. We provide information discovery solutions that first find all the best results amongst targeted sources, and then help users refine them to get the best answer. For this means users will review bibliographic citations and abstracts and choose the full-text articles they need." Mr. Danbe went on to say that DWT's distributed web services architecture makes integration with any business or research process easy: "Organizations invest in processes that add unique value, and we can easily integrate with analytical, collaborative or any other end-to-end process important to them."

DWT was established in 2002 and is New Mexico-based. It provides state-of-the-art information discovery solutions and is deployed in Fortune 500 organizations,, multiple Department of Energy portals and the Defense Technical Information Center. The company received the 2005 and 2006 Flying 40 (fastest-growing high-tech companies) award in New Mexico and is on the 2007 KM World List of 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. DWT offers a free whitepaper, "How to Maximize Your Strategic Investment in Federated Search," on its website:


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