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Denver IT Support Firm Announces New Secure Web Conferencing and Collaboration Service

DENVER, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — North Star, Inc., an IT services and support company based in Denver, now offers a comprehensive and secure web conferencing and online collaboration solution for small to mid-sized businesses in the Denver Colorado area. According to Darryl Kalli, one of the owners of North Star, the new service will improve the security of online communications, as well as saving their clients money in reduced travel for meetings and missed appointments.

"With a well-designed Web conferencing solution, highly productive collaboration sessions can approach the privacy of closed-door, onsite meetings, offering a secure collaborative environment for our clients," said Mr. Kalli.

According to the company, a recent study by Insignia Research found that businesses waste from $3000 to $4000 per person per year on unnecessary business trips and missed appointments. The new collaboration service offered by North Star will go a long way toward curbing these costs, with the employment of virtual face-to-face meetings instead.

Built upon the foundation offered by the Siemens OpenScape Web Collaboration and Conferencing functionality, with enhanced security offered by the Secure-by-Design Web Conferencing solution, the company believes they have created a cost-effective solution to secure online communication that is needed by all cost-conscious small to mid-sized businesses.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer the kind of Web Conferencing solution easy and secure enough to meet the needs and concerns of most corporate businesses. The added benefit of having the ability to integrate it into a Siemens Phone System provides the one-stop shop our clients are looking for in their office technology," added Mr. Kalli.

According to the Denver IT support team at North Star, Inc., the OpenScape Web Collaboration Platform offers:

  • One step scheduling for voice, web, and video calls
  • Voice enabled Microsoft Outlook and third party email systems
  • Password protected and encrypted collaboration sessions
  • Stand alone or integrated with OpenScape Unified Communications Application
  • 50-80% reduction in audio conferencing costs
  • 25-50% reduction in web conferencing costs
  • 30% faster communication
  • 40% productivity gains

With customer support and increased communication becoming ever more important in an increasingly competitive business environment, and with cash at a premium, the team at North Star believes they have found a more than viable solution for small to mid-sized business clients.

North Star, Inc. is a Denver IT support firm that has been meeting the IT support needs of small to mid-sized business across the Denver metro area for more than two decades. The team at North Star brings more than 50 years of combined experience to the task of keeping their client's systems up and running smoothly, with on-site and remote support, as well as security and back-up services, and server installation and support.

Darryl Kalli
North Star, Inc.