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Devigi Fitness Apparel Proud to Be Made in USA

Owner Says Doing Business Locally Creates Solid Working Partnerships and Delivers Highest Quality Product Possible

ROSLYN, Pa., June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A recent article published by reports that more shoppers are making it a point to inquire if an item is made in the USA, while small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs are finding it is smart business to keep their operations local to build meaningful and productive partnerships with suppliers. One such entrepreneur, Nadine Gelberg, Ph.D., creator of Devigi, a new line of high-fashion, high-performance fitness apparel manufactured in Philadelphia, knows that keeping her business local is the right strategy for quality, timing, efficiency, and ease of operation.

Gelberg is committed to manufacturing in the USA because it is easier and better. With local production Devigi gets higher quality, reduced time to market and partners who are committed to success. "My suppliers are actually like my partners. We are a team," she said. "My business is important to their success and in turn, they care about me and the success of Devigi, and will go the extra step necessary."

Furthermore, Gelberg explains for her it is much more cost-effective and efficient to keep her manufacturing local. "Time to market is critical and the cost and time of shipments make local production more economical," she said. "But even if that weren't the case, I prefer being able to build relationships and create opportunities in my own backyard rather than abroad."

Gelberg points out that there are many other reasons to look for the made in the USA label. Making the decision to buy American elicits a sense of patriotism and keeping it local provides a great sense of community by providing jobs, boosting the local economy and creating strong working relationships.

"Hopefully more businesses and entrepreneurs will realize all the benefits of doing business here and will commit to staying here," said Gelberg. "Manufacturing in America and buying American is good for everyone."

About Devigi

Devigi designs and manufactures fitness apparel that combines style and performance to make its customers feel good and look great. Devigi products drape elegantly across the body, fit and flatter sizes from 0-18 and enhance the right curves while camouflaging others. In Devigi apparel, athletes will have the confidence and energy to reach for intensity in all their workout routines. Devigi comes from the universal language Esperanto, meaning "compel" or "drive."