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Think Differently and Take Control of Your Diet with New 'Ultimate Guide to Calories' Infographic

LifeQuotes4U infographic explores how dietary choices affect consumer health

CHEADLE HULME, England, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — LifeQuotes4U has launched the guide as just one of it's efforts to educate even the most laid back of consumers to think about calories differently as meal and snack times approach.


The noteworthy life insurance company LifeQuotes4U has a vested interest in the health, wellness and weight management lifestyle facing the typical consumer today. The new infographic helps users make better food choices with its very palatable calorie chart. The site outlines facts about calories that are engaging and quite memorable, such as " how many hours and minutes does it take to burn off a Burger King tendercrisp chicken sandwich for the typical woman?"

The reader is presented with hours long episodes requiring fast walking, dancing or swimming to work the calories off. Intimidating to be sure, but the Ultimate Guide to calories makes it easy to understand, offering mind map like strategies to avoid excessive calories and trips to Wendy's or Burger King, among other fast food chains.

This infographic explains exactly what a calorie is and how many we are supposed to consume on a daily basis. It also shows how many calories are in some of our favourite fast foods. A Chinese takeaway of sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice and vegetable spring rolls is 1436 calories or 72% of a woman's daily recommended calorie intake. That is in just one meal. If she were to eat a 12" standard pizza, it would be 92% of her recommended daily calories. So in one meal she would have eaten her daily allotted amount of calories, says Richard Plews. "You'll never look at that sweet and sour chicken order in the same way again."

The Ultimate Guide to Calories also takes a look at the real numbers on America's and the United Kingdoms fast food consumption and the staggering zero's on the end of each country's expenditures. In 2011, Americans spent $117,000,000. The same year, 5,400,000,000 visits were made to food outlets, both drive-throughs and eating in the store. That's a lot of fast food meals.

Describing the 2013 Boston study that looks at ways to reduce calorie intake. "We need a more effective strategy to encourage people to order and consume fewer calories from restaurant menus," said Dr. Meena Shah, Texas Christian University (TCU). "Brisk walking is something nearly everyone can relate to, which is why we displayed on the menu the minutes of brisk walking needed to burn food calories," said Ashlei James, TCU.

LifeQuotes4U was founded in 2012. Its founder member and Managing Director, Richard Plews, has been involved in the UK Life Insurance market since 1996.

LifeQuotes4U aims to be the information centre for Life Insurance in the UK.  We want to make Life Insurance accessible, simple and affordable helping families all over the UK to protect their loved ones.

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