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Digital Car Painter – Paint It Digitally Before You Paint It For Real!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 4, 2012 — Bestapp Digital Enterprises Ltd, a Surrey, BC-based Canadian company, today announced that their Digital Car Painter iPhone/iPad App is available as a free download on the Apple App store.

Speaking at the Company's headquarters in Surrey, BC, Al Beix, (Pronounced Bikes) President of Bestapp Digital, stated, "This App came about as a direct result of my looking for an APP to work out what colour(s) and possible paint scheme I might use on a '33 Ford Hot Rod I plan to build next year. In looking for such an app, I concluded that with hundreds of thousands of Apps on the market, there is not one that specifically does this."

Mr. Beix went on to say, "When I realized this, it was immediately clear to me that this is a real need that needs a real solution. As a result, we set about figuring out how to make this happen, and today, some eight months later, we are releasing the initial program."

The App uses DuPont's Hot Hues line of hot rod colours, and Mr. Beix added, "While the App can be downloaded for free and does not restrict the user in terms of the design tools or available colours, if the user wants to save their work, send it to their Facebook page, e-mail it, or gain access to the Paint colour names and codes, they will need to purchase the paid version for the princely sum of $1.99."

Summing up, Mr. Beix concluded, "The App listing can be reviewed on the Apple iPhone App store at The Digital Car Painter website showcasing samples of the Apps capabilities can be seen at"

Lastly, there is a Video on YouTube at showing the App in action, creating a two-tone paint job in about 50 Seconds.

Mr. Beix can be reached at the following contact points.

By E-mail – Email
By Phone Toll Free at 866 853-5835
Skype ID – albeix

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