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Documents Now Notarized and Executed Online in Minutes with New NotaryCam Service

Settleware proud to offer e-notarizations on global level

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Settleware®, the pioneering electronic and digital signature leader that enabled businesses to legally execute contracts on demand is pleased to announce its expansion into Global e-notarizations with its latest project, NotaryCam™ Now in addition to businesses being able to get contracts or agreements signed virtually, documents can also be notarized and executed online in minutes.


NotaryCam was made possible on July 1, 2012 when the Commonwealth of Virginia made remote video notarizations legal.  This ground-breaking legislation authorizes Virginia notaries to legally notarize any signature within any state with video-audio technology. Online notarizations are now available in 50 states and can be executed anywhere in the world.

As founder of NotaryCam, Rick Triola, states, "Back in 1999, we paved the way for electronic signatures and today we are just as excited to be able to now notarize documents online as well. No longer will real estate transactions have to take place at the office nor will those who travel abroad search frantically for someone to process their paperwork. We've even been able to assist deployed military get Power of Attorneys signed in real time. It's exciting to see the endless possibilities."

Identity theft and fraud affects so many businesses today and having the ability to have all the notarizations visually recorded and before any signatures are accepted, a knowledge-based questionnaire completed, offers the highest level of security. Not only will most not want to be seen signing a fraudulent document, but not knowing the answers to those pre-determined questions will stop the notary process immediately, therefore greatly reducing the chances of fraudulent signatures.

But perhaps one of the best values of NotaryCam is the ease of use. To get something notarized one simply uploads the document, connects to a live Notary face-to-face on a webcam or iPad, and electronically signs the document.  The notary will verify and confirm the identity and apply their eNotary seal.  It's that easy.

NotaryCam is also the first patented and collaborative industry utility that connects all parties in the real estate, mortgage, and escrow settlement process in a virtual signing room.

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