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Dr. David Zava Appears on The SUZANNE Show this Week on Lifetime Television

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. David Zava, President of ZRT Laboratory, a testing and research facility specializing in individualized hormone tests, appears on The SUZANNE Show this week to talk about an innovative way to whip your hormones back into shape! Make sure to tune in Wednesday, December 5, at 7:00 am (ET/PT) as they air on Lifetime Television.

Many people think hormonal imbalance just means "menopause" or "periomenopause"– that's really the tip of the iceberg. In this series, Dr. Zava explains to viewers how hormones can get unbalanced. "Hormones are produced by the body's endocrine system, a complex group of glands that help control reproduction, metabolism, and growth. As we get older, the glands don't work as efficiently, causing a hormone imbalance. The result can be a variety of unpleasant symptoms," says Dr. Zava.

"Hormones are the chemical messengers of your body, so when they're properly balanced and functioning, all of your body systems work more smoothly. When your hormones are properly balanced, you feel younger, more energized and more emotionally settled," he adds.

ZRT has been instrumental in developing hormone tests by using body fluids that are easy to collect, and are non-invasive. As an alternative to the conventional blood draw, ZRT has developed and commercialized hormone testing with body fluids like whole blood drops taken from a finger stick and dried on filter paper, urine dried on filter paper, and saliva collected in tubes.

ZRT's process offers a convenient, inexpensive, reliable and very accurate way of testing steroid hormones. To learn more, make sure to watch the show on Wednesday and also check out

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