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Dunham Writing, Pioneers in Affordable Online HIV Training, Hits Its 1000th Student Milestone

SPANAWAY, Wash., Dec. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –Celebrating his 1000th student milestone, Robert Dunham, RMA, of Dunham Writing, is looking proudly toward the future of online HIV training.

Dunham Writing is an online blood borne pathogen training program, established in June 2012, with the sole goal of providing affordable workplace training for medical professionals.

"The idea was simple: medical care workers spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in training to maintain their credentials and competitive job market edge. So I figured why not offer local training that respects medical workers in this economy? I didn't like paying more than I had to when I did my training, and I assumed the same in others," says Robert Dunham, RMA.

To make online HIV training affordable Dunham Writing personally authors its course material, and offers it free on its site. Tests can be submitted by email, mail, or through an online testing host. No ahead-of-time registration is required to obtain rates as low as $10.

Robert Dunham, RMA, feels it comes down to streamlining: "A name, an address, and an evaluation, and you're set. My first job is to provide confirmation for the students, and my second is to provide feedback so I can help students improve themselves. Simplifying administration means I can send certificates fast, and I can save my clients money."

While much of what medical workers might expect of an online HIV training course is included, Dunham Writing takes it a step higher by introducing new topics that help HIV patients live normal lives; topics include HIV patient travel, and HIV family planning.

Dunham Writing mostly helps local medical professionals in WA, but recently it has added a new accredited test option to help health care workers throughout the U.S. Students are able to complete their online HIV training with IACET and ANCC continuing education credit backing.

Dunham Writing ( is a client-based training service in Spanaway WA, which helps medical professionals complete mandatory blood borne pathogen training. They can be reached at 253-617-1518 (Mon-Fri 9am-2pm PST).


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Robert Dunham, RMA