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Dynotag, Designers of Industry-Leading QR Code Smart Label Solutions, Announces Launch of Instant-On White Label Program for Partners and Manufacturers

SEATTLE, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dynotag, makers of innovative QR Code Smart Label products and services, announced immediate availability of its new industry-leading Instant-On White Label Program for partners and manufacturers.

Dynotags on personal items like bags, electronics, sports gear, clothing, jewelry or Emergency Contact Cards provide end users with private QR Code Smart Labels. The owner of a dynotag owns the content and can update it any time with security and access tracking.

Viewable via any smartphone or web browser, Dynotag-powered merchandise presents an easy-to-use and feature-rich service to end users, without requiring a subscription plan. The merchandise includes all necessary features and is "forever" maintained by Dynotag.

Having been available through Fry's Electronics, Micro Center and (category leader in 2012 holiday season), dynotags also became available in EU/UK, starting with

"Listening to requests from our customers and partners, we have extended the service capabilities and features to expediently and easily bring incredible value to all our users," said Murat Divringi, Founder and CEO of Dynotag.

"Our QR Smart Property Tags and Tough Mini Tags have been received very well, closely followed by our QR Smart Emergency Contact Info cards, Metal Pendants and Tough Stickers. Now, we want to help any manufacturer to build the power of dynotags right into their product," added Divringi.

  • Partners can incorporate the power of Dynotag Smart Labels into your product, offering compelling value to your customers.
  • Partner White Label dynotags feature a customized tag experience for end users and viewers, enabling any branding and messaging to be presented as a part of the tag.
  • Full turnkey experience:

    • Your campaign is ready virtually instantly.
      Dynotag can activate and deliver a White Label campaign as fast as one business day. Graphic element customization can be updated any time while the campaign is active.
    • Dynotag immediately supplies the physical customized QR Smart Label sticker kits for your product and/or works with you to create your customized tags.
    • No aggravating software development – all dynotags in campaign are instant-on, ready to be used by your end users.
    • No need for IT management – tag lifecycle is fully managed by the Dynotag service. By default, all campaign tags are valid forever.
    • Update branding message as needed while campaign is active:
      Branding components of the tags can be updated dynamically as necessary.
    • Analytics and upsell opportunities:
      You get analytics from your campaign that you can use to tune your offerings, even offer upsell incentives (such as coupons) via the dynotags themselves

For more information, contact Mary Jochum at Email.

About Dynotag: Founded by experienced technology entrepreneurs from the Pacific Northwest, Dynotag is a Technology Company based in Seattle, Washington.

Dynotag, Inc. specializes in offering state-of-the art, capable yet easy-to-use labeling/ tagging solutions for consumers and businesses. Dynotag's retail products are available direct online as well as through partners and licensors. – Dynotag – Smart Labels for the Mobile Internet™

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