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Your Earth Share Selects Celebrity Ambassador Larry Matlock

Rehab prone starlet loses out to "more appropriate and reliable" red-headed musician-actor.

MIAMI, July 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Your Earth Share (YES), a new conservation initiative, has chosen the world renowned red-headed educator, musician and actor Larry Matlock to be its celebrity Ambassador at Large for 2013. After a drawn out and heated competition between Mr. Matlock and a more well-known ginger-haired tabloid-filling starlet, the organization has decided that "Larry is a more authentic red-head, has a more proven environmental conscience and will offer us a more reliable and appropriate ambassador. Although his competitor may have a slightly larger following, we were very concerned that her recent history might distract from our message of conserving and protecting the planet."

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As part of his new duties as Ambassador at Large Mr. Matlock has initiated a driving tour taking him from Austin, Texas up into the Canadian wilderness. He will be launching a series of online videos, interviews and a mix of original and classic songs. "We'll be filming spectacular natural landscapes as well as environmental atrocities perpetrated by human greed and negligence. I can't wait to spend this summer connecting with my fans and creating a true bond with this amazing organization," explained the happy bard.

Your Earth Share is based on a simple yet powerful model: through its website concerned citizens can purchase the rights as beneficiaries to parcels of virgin wild-lands located in different areas of the planet. Currently the trust has purchased land in Finland, Paraguay, Canada and Colorado. YES members receive a personalized beneficiary certificate with the exact GPS coordinates of their parcel of land. They have the right to visit their land as often as they like, as long as they respect the commitment to leave it exactly as they found it.

Grant Thornton, one of the world's most prestigious auditing consultancies, has accepted the role of legally representing the trust which manages the project and certifies the beneficiary rights that each YES member acquires. They are also responsible for auditing Your Earth Share's commitment to reinvest 90% of all proceeds toward the purchase of new lands to be protected.

Your Earth Share (YES) is a team dedicated to preserving virgin wild-lands from all human intervention. Concerned citizens purchase the rights as beneficiaries to parcels of land all over the world. The organization guarantees that 90% of all proceeds are reinvested in the purchase of new lands that need protecting.

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Contact: Dennis Lewis, 786-408-3421